In March, we mentioned that through a partnership with Fan Appz, SAP users will be able to develop more personalized and engaging social media posts and campaigns, which can lead to a better relationship and customer experiences with their targeted audiences. We had an opportunity to talk with the folks at Fan Appz about the state of social engagement. 

Like Two Ships Passing in the Night...

Just how much do brands know about their fans? Jon Siegal, founder and CEO of Fan Appz, says not much. Mostly, it's still just a group of nameless, faceless people who chose to like, engage with or follow them. They don’t know how many of their Facebook fans are current customers, nor do they know how many Twitter followers are in the market for something new and different. Siegal says when it comes to driving social engagement to capture social data there are too many missed opportunities. 

Fan Appz helps brands engage and learn about their fans, so that they can target and personalize their approach across all media and in all environments. It starts with compelling fan experiences, which make it easy to build awareness, foster engagement and capture valuable social data insights. From there, companies learn how to use social data insights to address their fans as individuals, improving the targeting, personalization and performance of all of their marketing efforts.


By combing behaviors with social data, Siegal says companies are able to turn missed opportunities into new possibilities. Here are just a few ways Fan Appz has helped brands create meaningful experiences while helping them promote their bottom line. 

Product Promotion & Email Marketing

Goal: To choose which items it should feature in holiday marketing and promotions

Campaign: A game in which fans were shown images of seasonal items, and asked which ones they would most like to receive as holiday gifts. To play the game, fans were asked to provide their email addresses as well as permission for the brand to use them.

Results: The game netted 22,000 permissioned email addresses in less than five days. It also provided the client with each individual fan’s specific product preferences.

Promote Consumer Awareness

Goal: Build global consumer awareness and interest in new global television show.

Campaign: A promotion that targeted consumers in 40 different countries and 26 languages and featured pre-built applications for fans to submit user-generated videos and photos 

Results: More than 200,000 people visited and liked the new show’s page, and 20,000 of them clicked on the contest, viewing the promotion and seeing the advertisers’ message in their native language, as well as Several thousand of them submitted videos or pictures. 

What may look like just fun and games, are engaging activities that deliver valuable information that brands can use to target customers more effectively. 

The SAP - Fan Appz Partnership

As we reported, Fan Appz’ partnership with SAP was finalized in March. As a result, the Fan Appz’ Personalized Marketing Platform is part of the SAP Customer OnDemand solution, which empowers businesses to know their customers like never before, guide them through each step of the buyer’s journey, and groom customers to become loyal brand advocates


SAP Customer OnDemand customers can now: 

  • access complete, permission-based social profiles of their fans, and quickly see which ones are prospects and customers; 
  • combine enriched social profiles with their existing customer and transactional data for greater context and insight; 
  • use social data attributes, including behavioral and direct inputs, to drive customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value.

When it comes to social engagement, the information that people share online gives brands the power to improve performance across everything from email marketing and online advertising to website and in-store promotions. With FanAppz, companies can grow and engage their fan base, learn more about their fans’ preferences and demographics, and glean important social data insights that can be put to work to deliver better customer experiences.