Telerik continues its focus on the business user with new digital marketing integrations in Sitefinity 6.2. 

A web content management platform doesn't stand alone these days and it's normal to hear about new integration that allow digital marketers to use their Web CMS as the core of their digital technology strategy.

Telerik has built Sitefinity with an eye to offering as much of what marketers need out of the box, but it also recognizes that many organizations also want the ability to integrate existing marketing technologies. And that's pretty much what Sitefinity 6.2 is all about.

Sitefinity Loves Marketo

Telerik introduced personalization in Sitefinity back in October 2012. There were three core elements to what it added: 

  1. The ability to define segments
  2. Personalize the web experience based on those segments
  3. Walk through the site impersonating those segments

Sitefinity also offers both multi-variate and A/B testing as well as lead nurturing, and for some customers, that's just the right amount of digital marketing functionality.

And then there are those Marketo customers, and according to a recent study, Marketo is at the top of the marketing automation list. They are the focus of Sitefinity 6.2. With Sitefinity and Marketo integrated, they can now use Sitefinity web forms for scoring and event management.

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The integration supports custom forms and logic, so Sitefinity can intercept and feed the form information into Marketo. For example, completing a web form can add to a user's lead score, or it can trigger some kind of Marketo workflow. Marketers can use any contact field in Marketo to personalize the web experience for a visitor.

Marketers put the Marketo website tracking code in a central location and enable website tracking with a simple click. Doing this enables the sending of information such as page visits, downloads and more to Marketo.

But Sitefinity Also Loves Salesforce

Another new key integration is with Salesforce. Where Marketo supports both implicit and explicit personalization, Salesforce is all about explicit personalization. Track activity on the website and send that information to Salesforce for a specific visitor. Again, by doing this, the visitor's experience can be more personalized by matching CRM data about the user with Sitefinity segments.

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Sitefinity already had a connector to MS Dynamics CRM, and it will continue to integrate other solutions such as Eloqua and more.

That being said, Eric Odell, Sitefinity Product Marketing, also said that Telerik has more plans to build out the out of the box capabilities of Sitefinity as well. We've seen this recently with its new DAM features, but I've been told there's more coming down the pipe soon.