Sitecore Wraps Marketing + Web Content Management into Customer Engagement Platform

Web content management provider Sitecore has announced big changes to how it prices and sells its digital marketing and WCM licenses in North America, and the two will now merge under what is being called the customer engagement platform.

Combining Sitecore's Strengths

Sitecore says it wishes to improve the way it offers customer service, and that is why it will no longer provide free support and maintanence. It will charge for the first year, in fact, but customers can still choose between the company's bronze silver or gold support packages. The company feels it can use these funds to invest in research and development, and it won't have to raise license prices.

Digital marketing has long been a strength of Sitecore's, and by offering it together with the WCM component, it could help cut down on complexity, but also give customers a bit more insight into Sitecore's future. Outside of North America, Sitecore is standardizing this model, but will still adhere to local pricing standards, a Siteworx blog post announced.

New pricing will look like this for the customer engagement platform. It will be a flexible priced licensing model based on a CMS's size where the size is based on the number of Sitecore Server installations and the number of simultaneous users logged in.

Sitecore's Leading Status

How will customers react to all the changes? Sitecore has been named a Leader in Gartner's recent MQ for Web content Management, and it mentions as one of the cautions that customers sometimes complain about high prices. Will the added service fees make a difference? Perhaps, but Gartner also praised the company's progress on digital marketing, so Sitecore may feel the price increase is totally justified.

We reached out for comment on the pricing change, and Sitecore had nothing more to add, a spokesperson told us, aside from the fact it wasn't raising prices. Sitecore's managed services are provided by Siteworx, among others, and it provides consulting, integration, training and managed hosting of Sitecore products.