Sitecore is kicking off Day Three of Sitecore Symposium 2012 North America in Las Vegas, their expanded conference for the Sitecore user and partner community, and the first North American conference not held in Boston.

The Symposium has the same frenetic pace and relentless focus on customer engagement and analytics that have characterized their last few conferences. From what we're seeing, Sitecore's goal of significantly expanding the size and scope of the conference is being met.

In addition to the generous splash of Vegas glitz there's at least twice as many attendees as in past years, and Sitecore has significantly expanded the number of available conference Tracks to seven total, across the themes of Product, Business and Developer.

With that many tracks, the conference has something for everyone, but after sitting in on a number of sessions and speaking with other attendees (especially in the Product and Business Tracks) it's easy to forget the Sitecore platform is also a Web CMS.

As is noted above, Sitecore's focus on customer experience and its implementation via their Customer Engagement Platform is relentless. Their Keynote kicking off the first full day on Tuesday (by Sitecore CEO Michael Siefert) was both very high level (when speaking about the goals of Customer Engagement) and surprisingly technical (for a keynote), but every aspect of it was focused on Sitecore as a platform, a platform for Customer Engagement across all communication channels.