Sitecore has taken a large minority investment in Komfo, a Denmark-based social media marketing platform provider and member of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer Program. The Komfo platform is designed to allow marketers to create and manage Facebook fan page conversations without needing additional resources.

Sitecore says it plans to integrate the Komfo platform into its Customer Engagement Platform to provide marketers with the same type of control they have within Sitecore-managed web properties within Facebook and other third-party social networks. Specific Komfo features include applications for preferred marketing goals and call-to-actions, communications tools, a performance dashboard and competitor benchmarking.

Marketers Prefer Facebook

While efforts to demonstrate the actual value of social media as a marketing tool have proven difficult, Sitecore is responding to a strong belief among marketers that social media, and Facebook in particular, offers marketing value.

According to a recent survey of more than 700 global marketing professionals by social media promotions specialists Wildfire Interactive, 97 percent of marketers believe social media marketing benefits their business and 75 percent intend to increase their spending in this area during 2012.

Furthermore, 88 percent of survey respondents see social media as a mechanism to increase brand awareness, and 85 percent see it as a way to engage customers. The most popular social network among marketers? Facebook wins easily, with 94 percent ranking Facebook as a top social media marketing channel, trailed distantly by Twitter (74 percent). 

Komfo May Help Sitecore Customers with 2 Key Fan Page Steps

In March 2009, Masahble produced a list of five key steps to creating a successful Facebook fan page that still rings true. With Komfo’s functionality, Sitecore may be able to better equip its users to perform at least two of these steps: creating contests that include participation and targeting the proper demographic.

In terms of creating participatory contests, tools that enable direct communication with consumers via fan pages are a crucial supporting element for effectively recruiting contest participants and managing a contest. And for targeting the proper demographic, a performance dashboard allows marketers to analyze the reaction fan pages create in different user groups, helping to determine what demographics provide the best results, while competitor benchmarking enables them to compare performance in different groups with chief rivals.

In conjunction with Sitecore’s investment, Michael Seifert, Sitecore founder and CEO, will join Komfo’s board of directors. Terms were not disclosed, although unconfirmed reports suggest Sitecore will spend about US$ 500,000 for one-third of Komfo.