Video, as every marketer knows, can capture eyeballs and the wallets that come with them. Sitecore understands this and has taken the route of integration with Brightcove to help marketers take their customer experience strategies to the richest media level.

The new Brightcove Video Cloud Connect for Sitecore allows users to manage and publish video directly from Sitecore's web content management system, with Brightcove’s online video platform part of the Sitecore CMS interface. The intent is to make it easier for video to be included in websites and marketing campaigns, which helps drive and keep traffic by increasing search engine optimization, word-of-mouth, and user engagement.

A Natural Fit

Boston-based Agency Oasis is one of the Sitecore’s first integration partners in North America. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Brightcove said that Oasis’ experience in using the Brightcove Video Cloud for their customer base made them “a natural fit” for this integration for U.S. customers.

Features of the Video Cloud integration include:

  • save Video Cloud account credentials within Sitecore CMS settings,
  • browse the Video Cloud library
  • edit metadata of videos
  • upload any video format
  • create and edit playlists
  • publish videos on Web pages
  • enable Sitecore analytics

Brightcove's Video Cloud pre-built integrations are not just with Sitecore, but with a total of nine Web CMS tools, including Adobe CQ5, Drupal, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and WordPress.

Richer Web Experience

Sitecore senior vice president Darren Guarnaccia told news media that the Brightcove integration offers the ability to “deliver a richer Web experience without adding additional resources and time.” He added that several of their customers “have already experienced significant increases in sales and market efforts.”

Delivering rich online customer experiences definitely involve the right combination of text and rich media. According to Theresa Regli in her opening discussion at the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York earlier this month the time for static brands being used for signage or mailings are coming to a close. Enterprises must look at the brands and the media that they manage and create a more immersive experience for the audience -- both internal and external.

This is one of the ways Sitecore supports this changing market.