In a boost to Adobe's newest digital marketing initiatives, Searchmetrics announced its search and social analytics software can be turned on via the Genesis Wizard, in both Adobe SiteCatalyst and SearchCenter+, opening new levels of transparency to Organic and Paid Search on an international scale, from one underlying data set.  

It's a significant advancement that now allows e-marketers to simultaneously view and measure their organic and paid search campaigns, side-by-side. 

Check the Dashboard

“Those responsible for search-engine marketing budgets can look at metrics side-by-side, on one dashboard, do bid optimization using organic rank scenarios vs. competitors and calculate the best use of resources on an ongoing basis based on organic rankings, PPC conversion rates, Return on Investment (ROI), and other powerful metrics,” said Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics.  


The group is quick to note that for e-marketers,  paid searches are no trivial matter, referencing Marketing Sherpa Benchmark Study and Searchengineland, that documents a wide range of effects, where a coordinated effort of organic and paid search strategies can result into an increase in search performance of up to 25%.  What's notable in the data is that poorly coordinated strategies can actually decrease performance by a whopping 95%, Searchmetrics said.

Searchmetrics helps online marketers analyze the performance of their keywords and phrases, arming them with the insights to increase their search performance. The integration will allow e-marketers to better analyze their mix of paid and organic search marketing dollars and help them capture data to improve online searches

Customer Perspective

Timo Salzsieder, CEO of TOMORROW FOCUS Technologies GmbH, has been an Adobe partner and an elite partner of Searchmetrics. He said, “Both Adobe SiteCatalyst and the Searchmetrics Suite form the basis for our range of services in the area of web analytics and search engine optimization. This joint solution allows us to give our customers even deeper transparency over their search engine marketing budgets in the future.” 

But this isn't the first addon that helps SearchCenter+ track organic and paid searches. In September, OptiMine partnered with Adobe to add keyword performance predictive analytics to the search marketing management system, which also uses organic and paid search data aligned with revenue. 

Just last month, Adobe finalized negotiations to purchase Efficient Frontier, a privately held multi-channel ad buying and optimization company that targets Facebook, with over US$ 1 billion in bookings. This came on a wave of changes at Adobe that included a titanic shift toward digital marketing.  

Adobe upgraded SiteCatalyst just this past spring. That upgrade set Adobe apart with web analytics data integrated to social brand or keyword mentions.