Salesforce officials call their latest enhancement to their CRM platform a transformation of existing, long-time CRM features to "full-blown apps."

The launch this week comes on the heels of news that Salesforce users want, well, mobile capabilities. And hence the investment in mobile continues with an update to Sales Cloud1 with new mobile sales apps delivered on the Salesforce1 Platform. The apps include Today, Tasks, Notes, Events and Sales Path.

"Tasks and notes have been features within CRM for many many years," Mark Woollen, senior vice president of Sales Cloud Product Marketing for, told CMSWire. But what Salesforce is doing is leveraging these features as "full-blown mobile apps," he added that are "powerful" and work "end to end seamlessly."

New Deal

The San Francisco-based CRM giant is capitalizing on what Woollen called a "technical transformation" in cloud computing, social and now mobile.

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"They're smarter, faster and have great connectivity," he said.

Salesforce also announced a deal with Thomson Reuters to connect sales reps to "the content that matters to their deals," according to a statement. 

"What really separates us is we look really closely with what salespeople are actually doing," Woollen told CMSWire. "Where do they spend time day in and day out?" 

The apps are available in Android and iOS but not Windows yet. Woollen said he expects the apps to integrate with Windows later this year.

App Details

The new apps include:

  1. Today: Officials call it a "Google Now-like app" that displays top tasks, dashboards, upcoming meetings, weather and news.
  2. Tasks: A "to-do app" that helps reps manage priorities and is connected to customer records within Salesforce. It links action items to tasks.
  3. Notes: Notes automatically links to contacts or accounts and is connected to customer records within Salesforce. Sales reps' notes on their iPad are automatically linked to the contact record. And with the swipe of a finger, sales reps can immediately turn their notes into a to-do list within the Tasks app.
  4. Events: Allows access to meetings and events in Salesforce directly from mobile devices.