PaperThin continues to add marketing punch to its CommonSpot WCM system with its Summer 2012 release.

Like the Spring release, Summer 2012 includes more Google Analytics integration so marketers can see who's responding to their campaigns.

Summer is Always Social

Along with the deeper integration of analytics, CommonSpot has new tools for easier publishing to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, there are new features like:

  • Support for additional application servers, browser versions
  • Dozens of new 'command' API methods
  • An enhanced ability to open links in new windows/tabs
  • A new extended URL field type
  • Support for the open source SOLR search engine
  • Manually order content object records through a drag & drop interface

Social Media manager can publish content to multiple sites without leaving the dashboard.

Marketing Strategy is Key in the New IT World

As marketing gets more strategic, new tools will help companies keep old customers and gain new ones. The Summer 2012 release of CommonSpot can now publish content to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social channels with scheduled posts, and can even push out social media posts based on customizeable triggers or events. Clickthroughs, retweets, comments, shares and likes can all be tracked with the new release.

Furthermore, Google Analytics is baked into the dashboard for quick insight into whatever page is being viewed. View data like page views, bounce rates and more along with in-page data like most popular links. Data can be viewed in graphic format, and can also be linked to version histories to see how user patterns have changed over time. 

Paperthin updates CommonSpot four times per year, and has also recently integrated Brightcove video deployment. Tell us in the comments if you are shopping around for a new Web CMS, and if you think these kinds of features should be more standard in the industry versus optional features.