Oracle Social Cloud Now Offers Instagram Weibo Support

Keeping track of social media conversations around brands is a moving target.

And it gets even more challenging as people extend their online presence to different platforms.

But Oracle claims more help is on the way. The Redwood City, Calif.-based company announced today that it's beefing up its Social Cloud with support for two more platforms: Instagram and Weibo.

Oracle Social Cloud’s Social Relationship Management platform will track engagement and analytics for Instagram. It provides the same support for Weibo, along with publishing capabilities.

Building Connections

Meg Bear, group vice president of Oracle Social Cloud, noted in statement that it is business critical to monitor, engage and gain customer insights in a single management hub.

“The ability to monitor more platforms in more languages with advanced listening and sentiment analysis, and engage in real-time, in-context conversation gives organizations the ability to build customer-centric social relationships on a global scale and significantly improve the customer experience,” she said.

Bear claims listening is one of the most important things a company can do to create a strong bond with its customers.

“Customers are trying to tell you what they want — they’re giving you breadcrumbs. With humility and listening, you’ll be on to the right thing,” she explained.

According to a 2014 PEW study on the use of social media, 52 percent of adults online use two or more social media platforms – up 10 percent from the previous year.

The study further showed half of young adults online are using Instagram, a 9 percent jump from 2013.

Adweek reports business use of Instagram is on the rise, too, with many organizations now posting more on the photo-sharing app than on Facebook.

The reason? They don’t have to pay for Instagram posts to show up in users’ newsfeeds as they do with Facebook. Instagram’s young adult draw could also be contributing to this increased usage.

What About Weibo?

Despite publishing some disappointing fourth quarter numbers for 2014, Weibo’s active user base is on the rise, according to a TechinAsia article posted this week.

A popular social media site in China, Weibo has similarities to Twitter. It reportedly ended 2014 with about 176 million monthly active users – up 36 percent from last year.

It’s interesting to note, however, that a recent BBC article suggests those with Weibo accounts use them infrequently. Apparently, 5 percent of the Weibo users post 94 percent of the platform's messages.

This low use could be due to two factors: (1) The rise in the use of WeChat, a Chinese mobile messaging platform that allows users to send private messages, and (2) a crackdown by the Chinese government, which now requires that all internet users register using their real names.

Nonetheless, Bryan Cheng, general manager of Weibo Business Product and Platform Division, sees the partnership with Oracle as a way to strengthen the company and help companies forge stronger connections with its Chinese customers. Cheng expressed excitement about the relationship with Oracle, adding, "This relationship will enable Oracle's global customer base to better understand and engage with Weibo's tremendous Chinese user base."

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License Title image by Steve Ganz.