Oracle Mobile Suite Update Makes Company A Serious Player

Oracle officials claim enhancements to the company's Mobile Suite can account for a "skills shortage" among developers in mobile.

Announced today,updates include the new Oracle Mobile Application Framework and an updated version of Oracle Service Bus that is optimized for mobile integration. Company officials said the enhancements offer improved development speed, application security and user identity access and governance and mobile optimized integration across development layers.

Shay Shmeltzer, Oracle director of product management, told CMSWire many organizations don't have "mobile developers" but rather just "developers." They face, he said, a "skill shortage" among developers in the mobile space. The capabilities in Oracle's mobile platform, however, eliminates the need to add developers or teach new development skills, he added.

Framework, Bus Updates 

Oracle's new cross device mobile development framework, Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF), simplifies, officials said, the development of multiplatform on-device mobile applications. It includes:

  • Integration with Oracle Mobile Security Suite, which secures corporate-owned applications and data on mobile devices and secures deployment and management of mobile applications
  • Choice of development Oracle JDeveloper or Eclipse (through Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse), and choice of development languages, including Java, JavaScript and HTML5
  • More than 80 professionally developed UI components reducing the need for low-level HTML5 coding
  • Support for Apache Cordova plug-ins, which enables developers to leverage specific mobile device features across multiple operating systems
  • Declarative UI components creation, which allows for greater reusability while developing applications as well as creating templates for user interfaces

customer experience, Oracle Mobile Suite Update Makes Company 'Serious Player'

The new version of Oracle Service Bus, a core component of Oracle Mobile Suite, provides the foundation for a multi-channel and mobile strategy. Oracle Service Bus includes updates:

  • Unified design-time environment in Oracle JDeveloper, allows the development of both front-end applications and backend integrations, using a graphical wizards-based approach to expose backend systems as REST/JSON mobile-ready APIs
  • Built in in-memory distributed caching to help overloaded backend systems scale and cope with the increased traffic from mobile applications while reducing overall latency and ultimately enhancing the end-user experience.
  • A portfolio of existing adapters to on-premises enterprise applications


Bill Pataky, Oracle vice president of product management, told CMSWire that Oracle with the release has "gone from a bystander to a serious player in mobile." He said those with Java development experience can easily transfer skills into the Oracle mobile platform.

Mobile BI App Designer

Oracle last August announced its release of an added component to Oracle BI Mobile, a tool called BI Mobile App Designer for allowing lines of business to create their own analytics apps. Oracle BI Mobile Designer builds HTML5 based apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, and it does so using a familiar drag and drop interface.

Because it's part of Oracle BI Mobile, all the data already found there can be used in creating the apps, and the flexibility this offers is meant to empower those line of businesses. For an even deeper level of ease of use, there's an App Library so users can share apps and use already built ones as templates.