A new update to Instagram marketing suite Nitrogram provides tailored reporting and tag analysis capabilities intended to allow companies to refine their Instagram content and engagement strategies.


Nitrogram now provides reports on Instagram statistics including the growth and geography of a company’s audience and consumer engagement with a brand via Instagram. In addition, companies can now analyze Instagram tags to determine which tags have relevance to their products and services, and which represent influential contributors making posts that relate to a specific brand.

To demonstrate how tag analysis works, Nitrogram gives the example of cosmetics brand Chanel, which does not yet have an official Instagram account, analyzing the #chanel tag and discovering that reality TV star Kim Kardashian has posted the most-liked photos featuring the #chanel tag. Kardashian also happens to be the Instagram user with the third-highest number of followers. Presumably, if Chanel does launch an official Instagram account, this information could help the company determine which celebrities might be worth engaging as official corporate Instagram sponsors.

Instagram – The Social Up and Comer

While its popularity does not equal that of social media kingpins like Facebook (which happens to be Instagram's parent company) and Twitter, Instagram is rapidly becoming a social force to be reckoned with. Despite concerns about the photo sharing service’s privacy policy, it hit 90 million monthly active users in January 2013, up 10% from the previous month. Social branding and consumer engagement is still a relatively new phenomenon, and most companies understandably start their social marketing efforts by focusing on the “Big Three” of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

However, Instagram (as well as other popular social networks such as Pinterest and Yelp) are also worth investigating. A picture is worth 1,000 words, and when that picture is generated by a third party and eliminates the need for a company to engage PR professionals to create 1,000 words, the value becomes very clear.

Growing an Instagram Community via 3rd Party Tools

Social Media Examiner recommends that brands use third-party tools such as Nitrogram to help grow their Instragram communities. In a recent blog posting, Social Media Examiner said one of Nitrogram’s main advantages is that it allows users to “dive into how your audience is engaging with your content.” Nitrogram’s tag measurement capabilities enable companies to see the number of people posting on Instagram about them, as well as at what frequency.

Your community is an important indicator of customer satisfaction and brand appeal when it comes to the uploads of their own photos, which are a different data set from the content your company uploads to Instagram itself,” advises the blog post.