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Summertime, and the news is a-hoppin'. This week: Widen releases 7.2, Five9 unveils Summer Release, Telerik enhances and there's a free white paper on content localization.

Plus: Google Analytics splits brand and generic channels, SiteSpeck is out with an SDK, and businesses Aldridge and Digital Dominion enter a new phase.

Widen 'Kicks ASSets'

New content distribution and collaboration capabilities are highlights of version 7.2 of the Widen Media Collective digital asset management software.

There are new dynamic links and embed codes for sharing files, tool integrations with AtTask, ProofHQ and InDesign, filtering by image orientation, and a new search capability of archived assets. Plus owners now have more admin control, and asset upload or collection management can now be conducted via the mobile app.

"This version 7.2 release totally kicks ASSets," proclaims Marketing and Sales Managere Jake Athey in a post on the company's blog.

Priorities in this release, he said, were to "help creative streamline workflows and improve productivity and to give marketers more control and visibility with content creation and distribution."

A screen from version 7.2 of the Widen Media Collective.

More Updates: Five9, Telerik

Speaking of updates:

  • Contact center software provider Five9 is out with its Summer Release. It includes an intelligent tech layer called Five9 Connect that "gives actionable intelligence" for customer interactions and agent responses. There are also native multichannel applications to support social, mobile, chat and email interactions, CRM integrations with companies like Zendesk, and new apps or enhancements to improve engagement across channels.
  • Telerik has made enhancements in its DevCraft suite of UI controls. They include optimizing mobile development for ASP.NET projects with responsive, adaptive and elastic capabilities, new support for multiple device/screen size development, and document processing and cloud capabilities for UI.

White Paper on Localizing Content

Localizing content for a multi region campaign can become a major headache. To help that headache go away, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council has released a free white paper, "Localize to Globalize: Unifying Messages, Experiences and Engagements Across Global Campaigns." It addresses the process definitions, difficulties, resource alignment and measurement involved in content localization, and contains interviews with four companies identified as brand leaders in localization.

2014-26-June-Localization report - Images.jpg
The cover of CMO Council's white paper on content localization.

Google Analytics Separates Brand and Generic Channels

Google Analytics is introducing a new feature for separating paid search clicks that were made on a brand query (e.g., "Motorola smartphone") from those on a generic query ("smartphone reviews"). The feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

SiteSpect's SDK

Boston-based SiteSpect, a provider of testing and optimization solutions, is out with a software development kit (SDK) for testing and optimizing native iOS apps. Users can edit, create and publish changes without requiring App Store updates.

Business Evolution: Aldridge, Dominion Digital/SingleStone

  • IT outsourcing provider Aldridge has completed its acquisition of Clyde Bennett & Associates, a reseller of electronic medical records solutions. Clyde Bennett, which also provides IT services for medical practices throughout the country, will retain its name and become the Austin subsidiary of Houston-based Aldridge.
  • Richmond, Virginia-based Dominion Digital has a new name: SingleStone. The change, according to the 17 year old company, reflects its growing work in customer experience consultancy. Originally, the firm had been established to help clients with e-commerce.