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A Tale of Two Surveys

When the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released a report in May 2013 predicting that mobile marketing would expand by nearly 1000 percent within five years, it inspired Waterfall to reach out as well.

Between July and August this year, the San Francisco, Calif-based company surveyed more than 155 customer relationship management and data analytics professionals from a cross-section of industries. The results: "Most marketers measure mobile campaign success by lead conversion rates but call out brand awareness as their number one mobile marketing priority.” 

(It’s notable that the MMA survey was an opt-in, while Waterfall’s was conducted via online channels.)

Some of the statistics from the Waterfall survey include:

  • 42 percent rely on lead conversions as the sign of success
  • 33 percent don’t measure mobile marketing campaign effectiveness
  • 30 percent investe in measurement system software
  • 13 percent use unsubscribe rates as the main measure of mobile effectiveness

Waterfall - mobile-marketing-effectiveness.png

According to Michael Weaver, senior vice president of business development for Waterfall: “to be truly effective, the mobile messages need to be extremely personalized and relevant to engage the target audience.”

More information from the survey can be found on the Waterfall blog post.

And in the distance, you may even hear: “Do You Hear the Mobile Marketers Sing?”

Who Predicted This?

Kenshoo, with North American headquarters in San Francisco, and Atlas, a Facebook company, are now partners in “search marketing reporting and predictive optimization.”

Will Martin-Gill, senior vice president of product for Kenshoo, said partnering with Atlas "to provide clients access to highly accurate, deduplicated data saves them time and improves the efficiency of their campaign optimization within Kenshoo.”

The partnership is “built on an open platform so that partners can create more value using both their own proprietary technology and measurement for their clients and the industry.”

Where is Kreskin when you really need him?

What Do You Do When You're Rebranding…

And you know you're Mitel? Mitel is ready for a new brand in business communications, now that they’ve “doubled in size, broadened its market presence, and expanded its scope of offerings.”

“The new Mitel is a company on the move, and the rebranding is another major milestone on our journey,” said Rich McBee, president and CEO of Mitel, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Coming a long way from “Mike and Terry's Electronics,” the worldwide company is now “unified under a single Mitel brand worldwide,” down to their new logo.

Chuck Connors could relate.

To Sitefinity – and Beyond!

Telerik released an update to its content management system, Sitefinity, “to help meet the evolving needs of developers, marketers and end users alike.”

The Waltham, Mass.-based company is also releasing preview of Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, “to help marketers track, measure and optimize digital experiences delivered across channels.”

Sitefinity 7.2 updates include:

  • Integrated marketing personas for optimized content marketing
  • Project Feather, an open source mobile-first UI
  • An introduction of Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

Martin Kirov, executive vice president at Sitefinity, Telerik said, “Big data and predictive analytics are rapidly-growing market segments that customers are demanding their WCM solutions address.”

Project Feather is available on GitHub with more details.

There seems to be no falling with style needed here.

Demandbase Alpha lands in New York City

Demandbase offices.JPG

Demandbase – with corporate headquarters in San Francisco – has expanded their New York City headquarters, now located in the Chrysler Building, and brought in two new senior execs: Frank Matticola, vice president of Media Sales – who will lead media sales in NYC, and Tat Ng, senior vice president of engineering, who will direct product development in the corporate headquarters.

The company has additionally announced:

  • Doubled transactions per month
  • Triple digit growth
  • New expansion internationally

Chris Golec, CEO, said, “Demandbase has expanded to meet the growing global demand for B2B-focused programmatic advertising and cloud-based solutions.”

Evergage Tribes Keeps 'Em Shopping

Referred to as “Waze for your website,” Evergage this week released Evergage Tribes, consumer-driven personalization for ecommerce sites.

Karl Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Evergage, said retailers "can empower shoppers to quickly acquire the input and perspectives of others like them through socially augmented shopping, the next frontier of automated web personalization.”

Using algorithms to track product affinity, Evergage Tribes “enables online retailers to help shoppers find and select the products that are right for them, by showing:”

  • Which tribes most like a product
  • What a tribe thinks of the product
  • Which products were purchased or reviewed by other tribe members
  • What other products were also liked by tribe members
  • Filtered ratings and reviews by tribe 

Did someone see a bunny playing a bass drum hop by?

Adobe Experience Manager is Ready to Install


If you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat since the Adobe Summit Digital Marketing Conference last spring — pining for Adobe’s Experience Manager Communities to be released — the wait is over.

AEM Communities is described as “a SaaS offering for creating social communities in a turnkey fashion, specifically geared toward social learning and field and channel enablement” with some of the following capabilities:

  • Streamlined asset management
  • Content recommendations – similar to a Netflix experience
  • Mobile and social learning
  • Ad hoc or formal training
  • Real time insights

“The offering is not simply another social network for the enterprise,” said Loni Stark, director of product and industry marketing at San Jose, Calif-based Adobe, “but a purpose-built solution for creating social communities for exchanging knowledge across field teams and partners.”