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The latest in rethinking, premiering, joining, developing, expanding, routing, building, raising and consumerizing from the Tron, San Ho, the Workshop of the World, Letland, the Mother of Rivers, SF and Home of The Robins.

The Intranet of Interact 

Altrincham, Trafford, UK-based Interact Intranet launched new features within its intranet software that officials said will help “create a consumerized workplace experience for their users.”

Workplace tools should reflect those of everyday life, Interact Intranet officials said. 

“In everyday life, users are becoming accustomed to having instant access to information they need, people they share a common interest with, or products that complement previous purchases,” company officials said in a statement. “Most of the time they don’t need to actively seek these things because sites build a picture based on their behaviors and interactions, making only relevant recommendations.” 

The new features within their intranet platform reflect this, according to company officials. They include:

  • Interact Answers: Users can find hidden experts inside an organization, using information stored in people’s profiles to suggest those best placed to quickly respond to specific questions – and retaining those answers for future searches
  • Interact Best Bets: Guarantees that selected pages will always appear top of search, directing users to content most likely to help. Users can make their company’s maternity policy page a Best Bet, for instance, ensuring it’s highlighted for anyone searching the word “maternity.”
  • Interact Suggests: Routes the right information to the right people through analysis of a user’s behavior – such as posts they’ve read, liked or contributed to, and displays a list of tailored, related content on the user’s timeline.
  • Suggested followers: Suggests “People You May Want to Follow” to encourage employees to network outside of their immediate teams and locations.

“We're creating intranets that engage and encourage collaboration, driving productivity and making working life more satisfying,” said Nigel Danson, CEO and founder of Interact.

A Theory of Marketing Evolution

Act-On Software, headquartered in Beaverton, Ore. and Pleasanton, Calif.-based Gleanster Research released the findings of a study that “rethinks the role of marketing.” Conducted online during the last quarter of 2014 through early 2015, the research targeted marketing professionals from more than 750 mid-sized companies. Among the findings:

  • Managing the customer lifecycle is fundamentally broken
  • Only 68 percent of customers are happy
  • New customer acquisition is the primary function of marketers at average companies
  • Few modern marketers are measuring and acting on the right things

According to Gleanster President Ian Michiels, "The survey data revealed most B2B firms care about the customer experience, but nobody … really manages or owns it.”

2015-20-February-Rethinking the Role of Mktg.jpg

Platform of the Gods?

Pantheon this week announced the availability of Pantheon for Agencies, a release which was made available immediately to Pantheon’s 300-agency partners.

The platform is free to any digital agency that builds websites with Drupal and WordPress and includes:

  • A master view of an agency’s Drupal and WordPress sites
  • Workflow and version control including dev, test and live environments for every site
  • Multidev so web teams can collaborate in the cloud
  • Change management to control granular permissions
  • Site management and tagging tools to keep people and projects organized

Zack Rosen, CEO of San Francisco-based Pantheon, said his company has "supported some of the highest trafficked and most demanding websites in the world, many with dozens of developers at agencies coding, testing, merging, and deploying changes seamlessly.” Pantheon for Agencies is free for any agency building sites with Drupal and WordPress. 

Expanding Its Social Network


Philadelphia-based PeopleLinx has hired David DiStefano, former President and CEO at Richardson, as Chief Revenue Officer. DiStefano stated that PeopleLinx is “getting customer traction you’d expect from a much bigger and older company.”

“David is a widely known and respected thought leader in sales training and sales performance,” said PeopleLinx CEO Kevin O’Nell.

Supra Site Me

SiteSupra, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, this week released its Open Source Edition, which the company claims will bring “a new dimension to the web development market.” Some of the features include:

  • Drag and drop page blocks
  • Unique visual site map management
  • Page versions
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Approval workflow
  • Access rights

Anton Sulsky, CEO of SiteSupra, called the company's CMS an "extremely powerful" development framework and "extremely easy to use" website management tool."

Eugene Kharkov, SiteSupra’s CTO, said the company welcomes feedback and contributions from developers. SiteSupra Open Source Edition is a PHP-based free, GPL-licensed CMS that is available to download via GitHub.


Everything is Numb3rs

Chris Christopher Jr., director of consumer economics for Englewood, Colo.-based IHS Global Insight has been keeping his abacus warm during the arctic blasts with fourth quarter e-commerce retail sales stats:

    E-commerce retail sales adjusted for seasonal patterns rose 2.3 percent quarter-over-quarter (q/q) to reach $79.6 billion in the fourth quarter of last year, pushing its share of total retail trade (total retail sales less restaurants) to 6.7 percent
  • E-commerce retail sales not seasonally adjusted increased 14.7 percent in the fourth quarter compared to a year ago

Additionally, IHS Global Insight projects e-commerce retail sales to increase their share of retail trade to 7 percent by the second quarter of 2015 from a 6.1 percent share in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Pythagoras likely would have approved.

The Twilio Saga

According to the folks at Twilio, “TaskRouter is the beating heart of a contact center.” Released this week, the new application program interface is available in the cloud as an intelligent routing solution for developers.

  • Example applications for TaskRouter include: Distributing calls to call center agent
  • Prioritizing and assigning CRM cases to agents
  • Distributing leads to inside sales teams


San Francisco-based Twilio boasts that this is “the kind of routing logic that to date has only been available in high-end call center.”

Be still, my beating heart?

Sing a Song of 6sense

6sense, headquartered in San Francisco, just received $20 million in a Series B funding round led by new investor Bain Capital Ventures, bringing the company's total financing to $36 million, with additional funding contributed by Battery Ventures and Venrock. As part of the funding deal, BCV partner Indy Guha will join the 6sense board.

According to 6sense, early results from B2B sales and marketers using the platform include:

  • • 9X increase in marketing-to-sales qualified lead conversions
  • • 2/3 fewer sales touches to convert leads to opportunities
  • • 2X increase in opportunity size with 70 percent new prospects found by 6sense
  • • Identification of a $900K prospect that was about to buy from a competitor, but instead became the company's third largest deal in their history

"B2B lead generation is grossly broken, and it's time to replace guesswork with real intelligence," said 6sense's CEO, Amanda Kahlow.

Now about those four-and-twenty blackbirds ...

A LiveHive Production

Pick out your gown and tux, roll out the red carpet and smile for the cameras. LiveHive’s new DOCUMENTary “The Closer” is premiering on a YouTube channel near you.

Filmed in the heart of Silicon Valley, this bold new film, with an estimated run-time of ninety seconds, tells the story of Kenny Smith, an inside sales rep that “reveals how a co-worker’s envy and misguided assumptions can lead to office shenanigans.”

See: The struggle and need for new sales insights!

Experience: A world where consumers have easy access to Internet and social media!

Thrill to: Top sellers becoming sales heroes within their own organizations!

Micheline Nijmeh, CMO for San Jose, Calif. based LiveHive, said, “At its heart, the film teaches us how to avoid big sales regrets – and help move deals forward – by opening ourselves up to digital listening.”

May we have the envelope please …