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Keep Your Android 'Appy'

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If your Android has been clamoring for another download, Benchmark, a “global, do-it-yourself email marketing service,” has just the thing: a free app that makes it “easier and more convenient than ever to send and track email newsletters.”

The Los Alamitos, Calif.-based company claims the Benchmark Email app can send out email blasts and video emails, manage unlimited email lists, and create and send custom surveys.

“Benchmark Email gives users the technology they need to create simple, yet powerful marketing emails,” said Curt Keller, CEO of the company.

The mobile app is available via Google Play store or the Amazon Appstore.

Just make sure your Android has been programmed with the three laws of robotics first, just in case.

Testing, One, Two, Monetate

Pick up your number two pencils -- Monetate has just launched Monetate for Testing & Targeting, “the first enterprise-grade, self-serve A/B/n and MVT testing solution.”


Designed for marketers to put together two-tail experiments in one place, the analytics tool is intended to evaluate, define and track KPIs, “integrate with third-party analytics, and view performance analytics in a consumable dashboard.”

“We’re bringing enterprise-grade testing to the masses with unmatched scale, efficient workflow and rigorous security,” said Bruce Ernst, Vice President of Product Management of the Philadelphia-based Monetate.

For more information, visit

And no copying answers from your neighbor’s paper.

Growing on the Global 2000

Acquia isn’t bragging, but …

OK, they are bragging. The “digital business company” just had their 21st quarter in a row of revenue growth and they’re pretty pumped.

According to their figures, Forbes Magazine’s Global 2000 brands have picked up “record adoption” of the open-sourced software company’s “digital experiences.”

“We’re setting the new pace of doing business,” said Dries Buytaert, co-founder and CTO of Acquia, based in Burlington, Mass.

Currently working with major league sports teams, digital media companies, a global sportswear manufacturer, among others, Acquia is "helping them gain agility, resiliency, and connectedness to their existing enterprise applications.”

Acquia stated that they have added 87 new partners in the second quarter of 2014 alone, including Cognizant Technology Solutions and Merkle -- “bringing the total number of global partners to more than 1,200.”

Well, as the Bard of Democracy said it: “If you done it, it ain't bragging.”