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The latest in processing, collaborating, sharing, restoring, understanding, integrating, expanding and joining from the Spinach Capital, the West's Most Western Town, Oyster Town, The Land of Milk and Honey, the Birthplace of Aviation, Powder City and the City in a Garden.

From the House of Mouse to Celum

2015-30-january-Dan McGraw.jpg

Dan McGraw will be trading the Magic Kingdom for Digital Asset Management with Celum North America, where he is the new Managing Director. The former VP of Asset Management at Walt Disney Studios, he will be responsible for the development and deployment for Celum’s cross-channel sales and marketing strategy.

Michael Kraeftner, CEO of Chicago, Ill and Linz, Austria based Celum, said McGraw will enhance the leadership of the company's North American team and "play an important role in supporting our growth." 

McGraw said he was excited to be "helping customers with their workflow challenges, while expanding CELUM's reach into North America.” 

Maybe he kept the mouse ears as a souvenir?

Screenhero’s New Partner

Screenhero, including its six-member team, has been acquired by Slack in a cash and stock deal designed to “to integrate its rich interactive technologies, including screen sharing, voice, and video.”

“This is not the typical ‘Our Incredible Journey’ acquisition, where the product disappears. Everything will survive and thrive, just immersed in Slack,” said Stewart Butterfield, CEO and co-founder of San Francisco, Calif. based Slack.

Screenhero will still be available to current users during the integration, although it will be phased out in the future as the functions become available through Slack. Additionally, Slack customers will be able to try out the Screenhero technology.

“Slack shares our passion for revolutionizing how people work together, so joining forces to accelerate that shift was an obvious choice,” said Jahanzeb Sherwani, CEO and co-founder of Screenhero, also based in San Francisco.

Taking in the Trash

Everyone’s favorite keyboard combination – ctrl/Z – isn’t much use if your fingers slip while using Google Analytics. The frustrating sight of that data unintentionally vanishing could bring the most jaded user to his knees. But the benevolent deities at Mountain View, Calif. based Google have at last heard those prayers.

Behold the Trash Can – “a safety net each time you delete a view, property or account from your Google Analytics account.”

To use the new feature:

  • Navigate to the Administration tab
  • Select an account
  • Slick the Trash Can on the left-hand panel
  • Check off what you want to reclaim
  • Click “Restore”

Thumbnail image for Google-analytics-trash-can-800x277.png

“Voilà! Your view, property or account is now just as it was before you deleted it.” The data stays in Trash Can for 35 days before it vanishes completely. While the new feature won’t be visible until your account is updated, effective immediately all deletions will be stored in the Can.

More information about Trash Can may be found on the Google Analytics support page.

But the important question is: Does it recycle?

LiveLOOK Looks Lively

Oracle has released the latest update for Oracle Service Cloud incorporating LiveLOOK’s co-browsing technology to “provide support for social agent collaboration, optimized case routing, and improved agent browser UI.”

With Redwood Shores, Calif. based Oracle’s recent acquisition of LiveLOOK and the integration of the co-browse feature, Oracle Service Cloud claims it can “help organizations better understand the customer experience with”:

  • Skills-based routing
  • Visitor browser history
  • Oracle Social Cloud

Stephen Fioretti, vice president, Product Management, Oracle Service Cloud, said the idea is to "drive service efficiency and effectiveness as well as improve customer acquisition and retention.”

As part of the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud portfolio of applications, Oracle Service Cloud integrates with Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Social Cloud and Oracle Commerce. 

Making the Grade

The next time you need a set of your college transcripts, look for them on Parchment instead of sheepskin. Perceptive Software will be partnering with Parchment on electronic academic credentials, streamlining the process for both paper and electronic processing.

Matthew Pittinsky, CEO of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Parchment, said the alliance with Perceptive allows Parchment to further its reach to colleges and universities, "arming administrators with tools to provide students a secure and efficient way to request and deliver transcripts.” The technology partnership is supposed to speed up applications between schools and give colleges and universities the ability to provide more positive admissions experiences. 

Brian Anderson, Chief Technology Officer with Lenexa, Kan.-based Perceptive Software, added that the integrated solution will enable universities to "present the appropriate transfer credit reports quickly and accurately to students, resulting in a greater chance of recruiting that student to meet enrollment goals.” 

Parchment and Perceptive should go to the head of the class with this.

No Time for Risky Business

Xerox might not be the first name in litigation and compliance risk, but it's working on it with its e-discovery division. Using Xerox Litigation Services’ analytical models and technology, the company claims it can “minimize — or eliminate — the potential financial and risk impacts associated with regulatory compliance, litigation and investigations” for its clients.

  • Solutions include:
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Litigation and investigations
  • Information governance

“Our mission is to help people make informed decisions that are best for their business by being able to understand -- and more importantly act on -- patterns we uncover in their data,” said Manoj Sharma, executive managing director, Xerox Litigation Services, based in Norwalk, Conn.

Librarians Got the Power

Like Marian Paroo, Rupert Giles, Flynn Carson and Paige Turner — librarians have the power. And Ingram Content Group wants to give them more through its new Edelweiss Analytics Tool. 

According to Nashville, Tenn.-based Ingram, with the Edelweiss platform libraries should have access to near real-time data to manage selection and order pre-publication titles. Other features of the platform are:

  • tracking library circulation and monitors collections
  • providing recommendations on titles
  • notifying libraries when current holdings do not meet demand

“Information is power,” said Dan Sheehan, Vice President and General Manager, Ingram Content Group library services. “We will continue to help libraries take advantage of our technology, resources and connections … to discover ways to increase relevancy and enhance their positions as central and vital parts of their communities.” 

Edelweiss Analytics for Ingram library customers is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2015.

As author Neil Gaiman said, “Libraries are our friends.”