phonefactor_logo.PNG Enterprises are looking for improved security in their mobile products, and Microsoft is beefing-up its defenses by picking up PhoneFactor, a vendor of multi-factor authentication products to help secure your connections. 

Stay Secure, Stay Safe

A new acquisition for Microsoft's server and tools division sees PhoneFactor pitched into the battle for mobile enterprise security. Already offering secure, tokenless, access for the likes of Outlook Web Access, IIS and Active Directory, it has plans to integrate with both Azure Active Directory and Office 365.

Microsoft will be able to tout these features as built-in or an option once the acquisition and integration is complete. PhoneFactor currently offers services for enterprise, government, banking healthcare and other verticals, while also supporting Citrix, IBM Tivoli and VMWare.

It claims that the PhoneFactor Agent service reduces the risk of compromise and increases security with benefits including; instant fraud alerts, biometric voice authentication and transaction verification, with the advantage of no extra dongles or training needed. 

Push for the Enterprise

Now Microsoft is ready to make its big play for the mobile enterprise with Windows Phone 8 devices, regular and Surface tablets, it will need to demonstrate bulletproof security for many types of organization. Those already using PhoneFactor, or similar offerings, should be reassured by their presence in Microsoft products.  

PhoneFactor Agent is currently available as a free download for up to 25 users and is probably well worth trying if you have any security considerations about your company's data or files. And, as mobile becomes a greater target for hackers and a weak point to be exploited by industrial spies, this sector will only become more important.