For years, Marketwire has been one of those go-to companies where you got the news in the form of press releases and could sign up for social media intelligence and monitoring. Now, the news is about Marketwire, as the company changes its name by past tensing itself to Marketwired. 

The company said it is evolving from being a wire service, to being "a wired company". Perhaps the intention is to greater emphasize the social media monitoring and analysis part of the business, represented by its MAP service (Media Analysis Platform), a social media business intelligence platform, and by Heartbeat social media monitoring. But, aside from a heavy dose of buzz about “the power of influence” that is worthy of the dot-com era, a new logo, and a new EVP, any new directions are not clear.

‘Ahead of the Curve’

The new EVP for Product and Technology is former Yahoo vice president of business intelligence,

Stu Ogawa. The company will continue to provide full-service press release distribution, news monitoring and social media monitoring solutions, with an emphasis on what it describes as providing “decision makers with real-time data, actionable insights and the confidence to make informed decisions.”

CEO Michael Nowlan said in a statement that “working with Marketwired enables clients to discover opportunities that will drive future success,” and added that “embracing technology, we continue to transform how we work, how our clients reach their customers and how we help them do it.”

Stay Tuned

Similarly, COO Jim Delaney said that the company’s “goal is keeping clients ahead of the curve.” He noted that, “as thousands of people, events and opinions influence clients’ target markets, we can help turn that influence into opportunity,” which Marketwired calls “the power of influence.”

This is actually the company's second name change, as it was founded in 1999 as Internet Wire and became Marketwire in 2003. In the absence of any new tangible directions, the addition of Ogawa to the senior management team might be one hint of why this identity redo, since he led Yahoo’s sales tools and analytics organization, as well as a big data analytics team there. Between the lines of the press release announcement and the updated website is the sense that the company is going to provide new kinds of data-derived insights, built on its social and news monitoring platform, but we’ll have to see.