Marketers Prepare for Social Media Without Effective Measurement in PlaceMarketers are gearing up for what they hope is a busy fall. According to a recent survey by Bizo, not only are marketers busy getting ready for a season full of planning, closing sales and executing campaigns, they are using social platforms to do so.

A Look Ahead at Fall Marketing

The survey, which included more than 520 strategic marketers, aimed to determine the priorities in online marketing among in-house and agency marketers. So, what can we expect to see this fall from advertisers?


Nearly 97% of respondents said that social media marketing will play an important role in their marketing campaigns. However, the sole focus of incorporating social isn’t to engage, but to promote awareness and build brand loyalty. How you do that without engaging users, we’re not exactly sure, but none of the respondents didn’t indicate engagement among their key goals.

Display Advertising

Though marketers have embraced social strategies, they are still sticking to tried-and-true methods, like display advertising, to get their message out. 84% of respondents said display is as important or more important to their marketing mix this year vs. last year, and not just because it’s still a good branding opportunity, but also because it generates leads. In fact, a quarter of marketers use display advertising to drive a desired action, from downloads to registration.

Email, Content

Additionally, marketers will be focused on integrating email and content marketing into their campaigns, indicating that good content drives action, and hopefully sales.

Overall it seems that marketers are covering their bases, though what’s noticeably missing is any mention of mobile advertising. As well, it’s not entirely clear what types of social platforms marketers will be targeting, though we can only hope that they are being strategic when it comes to their audiences, and not just picking them randomly.

Measuring a Limited Outlook

While executing campaigns can be exciting, it soon gives way to the burdensome task of making sense of it all. As a result, marketers are more committed than ever to trying to figure out how to measure their campaign’s impact across social media. But most don’t have a proven technique for measuring it and, by default, are still measuring social media marketing campaigns by an increase/decrease in followers, which seems rather limiting, considering that social provides a bigger opportunity to target their desired prospects.

Very few (14%) are tracking or measuring business demographics of their audience, but for many (63%) it’s on their to-do list, which may be an indication of how they intend to execute their social media campaigns (read: randomly rather than strategic).

Soon, marketers will learn that, like students starting a new school year, being prepared is a strong indication of their performance for the year ahead. If this survey gives us any insight, it’s that many marketers are ready, but unprepared.