Magnolia 5.0 To Offer Customized Mobile Content with Task-Focused AppsVendors are always a little bit reluctant to give too much away about up coming releases, especially when that release is to be the cornerstone of its annual get together. Magnolia is no different. But with its conference set for the beginning of September, they have offered some details about Magnolia CMS 5.0, which will be previewed then.

As one of the many web content management systems on the market at the moment, there is always considerable interest in Magnolia upgrades, but this is a full point release -- v5.0 -- so there’s bound to be a number of things that no one has seen before.

And while we said Magnolia has released ‘details’ it would probably better to describe what it has released as outlines, as the precise details are to be kept under wraps until the conference.

Magnolia v5.0’s Mobile Interface

The first thing that Magnolia has said is that v5.0 will come with an entirely new user interface that will enable them to create and develop content through task-focused apps that will be customizable.

Magnolia 5 desktop view of DAM.jpg
Magnolia v5.0: DAM interface

As a sign of the times content management is going through at the moment, the interface has been designed for mobile use first, which Magnolia says, ensures that the mobile experience will not be developed as an afterthought, but as a primary objective.

What this actually means in practical terms probably won’t be clear until September, but what Magnolia has said about it is that it aims to bring mobile interface simplicity to enterprise content management.

The result, Magnolia says, is that users will be able to choose from a number of different tasks from a central hub. Once they have initiated a task, an intuitive app will guide them through the process, only offering the relevant functionality needed to speed and ease the task.

Magnolia 5 IPad view Pages App.jpg
Magnolia v5.0: iPad Pages App

Magnolia CTO Boris Kraft explains the reasoning behind it like so:

Since the 1990’s, enterprise CMS vendors have been racing to pack more functionality into increasingly bloated, monolithic menus. These bewildering user interfaces deter a majority of potential users from using the system and contributing to a more meaningful virtual presence interface…Magnolia 5.0 offers simple, yet powerful, apps focused on tasks that are relevant to the use.”

Customized Apps

However, this will only work if it is possible to customize and build new apps according to the tasks being presented to the user. And this is what Magnolia has done with v5.0.

It says that the new architecture will enable this customization of apps based on the different roles within the organization. In fact customization in v5.0 will be the norm with the whole architecture designed to enable users to optimize the system to suit departmental work processes and campaigns without any need to burden the IT department.

Additional Features

There are other features here that look like they will be both interesting and useful when they are finally released.

There will be, for example, a continuous activity feed and notifications through Pulse, which will keep you up to date on the status of content in your systems, as well as content statistics and analytics. Pulse will also enable users to categorize messages by filtering and linking to other related content.

Favorites will enable users to create shortcuts to common actions like adding a specific page, creating a microsite or adding new content in data modules. It will even enable the creation of shortcuts to update your homepage ensuring consistency across the site.

Of course, these are only tasters and there is bound to be many more when it is finally released. If you’re interested in more on this keep an eye out, because we’ll be there at the launch to bring you the latest from the preview.