linkedin_ios_logo.jpgSocial business service LinkedIn is making lots of moves this month, and its latest effort integrates your contacts with the likes of Outlook, your Google information and other sources to create a new breed of personal assistant app.

Everything's Getting Linked In

Having earlier this month updated the iOS LinkedIn app with a news- and advice-focused feed, the social business service is at it again with a whole new iOS Contacts app for users. This new product will filter the information from your contacts, blend it with other sources like your Outlook, Google and other accounts to keep track of your schedule, contacts and other necessities. 

It creates a one-stop shop for your business contacts, distinct for your social ones, a unified communications platform, a handy calendar and reminder service, but do you feel the need for two LinkedIn apps (three counting its CardMunch business card handler)?

The main benefit is that instead of the old style, "would you like to import your contacts?" queries, this time you can create a bridge between the two, so they'll always remain current and update the Contacts app with the latest information from them. And while you might not want all your contacts over from Gmail for example, the app can filter and intelligently sort unwanted ones out. 

Looking for the Missing Link?

The app is only on the U.S. App Store for now, and the website version is currently accepting requests for invites, with the associated blog post suggesting they will be sent out soon. Assuming you have a good handle on your contacts, then it should be easy enough to integrate everyone you want in the new site and app.


With the new service compatible with most sources of contacts, including Gmail, various other Google sources including their own Google Contacts and Calendar, plus Yahoo, Outlook, Evernote and many others, including the humble CSV file, pretty much everyone should be invited. 

It'll take some testing by roving executives and busy business folk to see if this app is more conducive to a connected experience than whatever method you currently use. But, if it is proven to work, then LinkedIn will have wrangled its way into our working lives in yet another crucial area, putting it firmly on the first page of most app screens.