Big Data is going big time. In the latest of a string of recent announcements by Big Data vendors, Kapow Software has unveiled the new version 9.2 of its Big Data Integration Platform, which the company says is the first such platform to “mine all information channels, deliver key insights from dynamic data sources” and automate responses. 

The subscription-based platform is intended to provide what the company calls “business insights for the masses,” to obtain intelligence for tracking competitors, enhancing customer experience, protecting brands and increasing the speed in which business decisions can be effectively made.

Other potential uses include increasing sales cycles and sales teams’ effectiveness, evaluating and increasing marketing ROI, generating more leads or lowering the cost per lead.

Kapplets, KappZone

Using the company’s patented software robots and Synthetic APIs, any cloud or on-premises data source can be integrated into the platform. Mined information is delivered to departments in “Kapplets,” available through a new enterprise app called KappZone that releases information based on organizational roles. The app can be used on any computing device, and users can access their Kapplets in their My KappZone workspace.


In announcing the new version, chief product officer Karl Ederle said in a statement that version 9.2 is “the first Big Data solution to create a data-driven advantage by connecting employees to a goldmine of information that arms them with key insights and the ability to respond rapidly,” without the need for Big Data experts or big infrastructure rollouts.

Users obtain their big data wisdom through a user interface that has been designed for use by regular business users. Kapow said that parallel processing has been improved because multiple Kapplets can now activitate more software robots simultaneously -- thousands if needed -- thus increasing the speed of data analysis.

Insights + Business Logic

Another new feature is the ability to extract information, match it with business logic, and then automate a response according to the established business logic. One example use case: the Denmark-based Click A Taxi platform that can dispatch an address to a local taxi company, matching customer locations and taxi company availability, even though the customer has not requested a specific taxi company.

Other use cases, Kapow said, include high-volume integrations with dynamic systems involving restaurants, hotels or air flights, without relying on traditional APIs or more complex integrations.

Big Data mining for use in regular business decision-making is a booming market. Recent announcements have included Information Builders’ new WebFOCUS Social Media Analytics, SDL’s machine translation solution for text-based Big Data analytics, and Alteryx’s newest Strategic Analytics platform for use by business analysts and decision makers.