Is Your Content Shareable? Find Out with Social CrawlyticsA new free, easy to use analytics app called Social Crawlytics can help find out what pages have been shared the most over social media, and all it requires is a Twitter account to log in.

Social Crawlytics will look at a given URL, and then produce a handy report and graph of where websites are getting shared and how often. It's not as thorough as other analytics software, but it is fast and will knock out a quick overview in just minutes.

Social Analytics for Everyone

As more and more people turn to social media to spread the word about their websites or business, this kind of tool could really help them focus on where to spend their energy. It is not going to show page views, however, so if that's something people need, another analytics app would be better suited. It's really only for measuring social media, so here's how to get started. 

Log in with Twitter and enter in the URL of the webpage you want to analyze.

There's a free version that gives out a set number of credits when the app is first signed up for. Credits are used when reports are run, they reset each week, and more can be obtained by tweeting out a little advertisement for Social Crawlytics. It reads,'Just a tweet for #SocialCrawlytics because I've run out of credits and haven't finished my report on' There's also an enterprise version available, and pricing will likely vary by company.

Report includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious activity.

SEO Basics

Social Crawlytics gives a social media breakdown of shareability, and it is but one piece of the analytics puzzle. It could easily be paired with Google Analytics, for example, and added together would give a nice breakdown of all the key stats people might need.

Furthermore, if your company is rolling out a new social media focused campaign, this app would certainly give a very targeted look at just how that is going. We're not sure how useful it is to know how many shares people get on Delicious, for example, but Social Crawlytics could always update the app as channels become more or less popular/useful. Tell us in the comments where your website is getting the most social media shares.