Sure, you wouldn't expect those queuing at Apple stores to be there for the second-best smartphone in the range, but the tilt towards the 64-bit superphone is pretty much vertical according to early polls of shoppers. But those looking for the gold model will be disappointed, as they've sold out in seconds. 



Another Red Letter Apple Day

Queues in Asia, Europe and now America heralded the launch of another day of blockbuster iPhone sales, with two models up for grabs. Perhaps it will come as no surprise to hear that shoppers outside U.K. Apple stores were almost exclusively there for the 5S model. A queue of 3,000 was estimated outside a London store, where the champagne gold model sold out almost immediately.

Apparently, Apple suppliers are stepping up production of that model to get more of them in stores, but that will take a while. Generally, Apple-watchers are predicting short supplies of all iPhone 5S models very soon, so better get a move on if you really feel the need for one. While it will take some time to evaluate iPhone 5C sales, Apple's little new phone doesn't seem to have generated the instant demand, but is likely to do roaring sales over the holiday season as a gift choice. 

With iOS 7 uptake after just a few days now over 20% of the whole Apple ecosystem, this splurge in buying will likely see it approaching a third into next week, making a mockery of Android's fragmented landscape, but is unlikely to dramatically boost its market share against the tide of cheap devices out there. 

Roll on October

This launch only concludes Apple's September assault on users wallets, with a trifecta of iPhone announce, iOS launch and then the phones launch, the company has to be pretty pleased with how things have gone. Expect a sales update early next week. 

But, Apple's run will continue into October which is likely to see an iPad event, perhaps with a 64-bit model lead iPad and the new iPad mini 2. These and an upgraded Apple TV gadget will again be big winners over the holiday season. Just don't expect watches, TVs, or any other surprises this side of Christmas.


There is also new Mac hardware on the way, and the official launch of OS X Mavericks to come, sparking more interest in the computer side of all-things Apple. Overall, 2013 will be seen as a evolving year in Apple's history, with the split to two phones matching the dual iPad range, 2014 should be a bigger, better and more revolutionary time all around.