Content optimization software provider InboundWriter today released an enterprise version of their online application. The software, which initially catered to individual writers, has been updated so it will appeal to larger organizations that publish online content. 

First released in 2011, InboundWriter was initially directed towards individual writers and bloggers as the company wanted to make content optimization “as simple as spellcheck.”

With this cloud-based system, writers are able to bring together writing tools and incorporate real-time searches and social intelligence (made possible by the incorporation of a WordPress plug-in last year) into their writing process and improve audience engagement. Earlier this year, the system was updated by adding a new Twitter analytics tool called Topic Buzz, which sorted through information from social networks.

Moving On to the Enterprise

Over the last year, InboundWriter officials have noticed that their product appeals to more than just the blogging and writer community, but to businesses and companies, such as Transcontinental Media and Source Interlink that are entering the publishing and content marketing game. Since then, the company has been working with these enterprise companies to develop an enterprise version for InboundWriter in order to properly meet all of its customer's wants and needs.

The enterprise version of InboundWriter is geared specifically towards a team of writers and editors. With a multi-user functionality, administrators (such as a web editor or content manager) will have access to all of the documents being written. They will be able to monitor and manage writers, while also being able to review and edit articles before they are published.


Along with an improved multi-user functionality, there are other key updates to the InboundWriter system. They include:

  • API integration for internal systems
  • User Interface improvements
  • A more precise keyword recommendation system
  • An updated rules engine and user interface
  • An image recommendation tool from Zemanta
  • Enterprise-grade analytics that are supported by RankAbove
  • The ability to change a user's role from adminstrator, to editor, to author.


The Cost of Inbound Writer

There is one free and two paid options for InboundWriter customers.

  • Basic: This is a free plan geared towards casual and trial users. Geared towards a single user, four documents can be upload per month, search topics are determined through keywords, content can be optimized with an interactive rules engine. The basic plan also features a web application and Wordpress login and limited user support.
  • Professional: At US$ 40 a month, users can upgrade to a professional plan, which, while still geared towards single writers, is aimed at those who write on a professional level. In addition to what is featured in the free option, users can upload 15 documents a month and use the web application and WordPress login without badge.
  • Enterprise: With this option InboundWriter recommends that interested companies contact them for pricing details as cost is based on volume. Even though this option is similar to the professional plan, it is geared towards companies. As was mentioned, it features multi-user functionality, reporting and analytics, as well as an integrated publishing platform, a 30 day free trial, an unlimited users option and full user support.