Content producers can use big data to their advantage when researching relevant ideas, search terms and keywords for their Web writing. Now, one company wants to make it even easier for writers to scour the Internet for the most searchable and insightful ideas that can make any marketing or publishing solution perform as needed. Inbound Writer has added a new module called Topic Buzz -- a Twitter analytics tool for cutting through the social network's stream of information.

Social Network Creep (Not that Kind)

As social networks creeps into more and more people's lives, it becomes as important to mine those networks as it is to monitor search trends. Inbound Writer,a content optimization service, has built a unique tool for understanding what people are talking about and searching for online, and that relevant information can help writers craft relevant content for their targeted audience.

Topic Buzz from Inbound Writer adds Twitter analytics to the unique content optimization tool.

It's a free service for up to eight articles per month, and the premium version is US$ 20 per month for unlimited articles. Any article drafts stored in an Inbound Writer cloud-based account are analyzed and then compared to what others are writing on Twitter. Inbound Writer then finds the most relevant and popular information related to those drafts, and writers can then use that information to create more compelling content and drive traffic.

Engaging Content Equals Happy Customers

One big advantage of making sure customers can more deeply interact with a website, app or social media channel is they become evangelists for the products and services they feel the most connected to. Inbound Writer is the kind of tool that can help create the kind of highly targeted content customers might find useful. With its new Topic Buzz feature, Inbound Writer can identify relevant ideas and terms, but also highlight where Twitter traffic is going and even gives the Twitter handle of the main influencer of the topic. This not only helps define and target articles, but it makes them more timely and ultimately searchable.

Just because Inbound Writer is very affordable doesn't mean it's not for large companies. In fact, larger companies might be able to make the most out of it. That's because good content can help drive marketing, accessibility and scalability of a website, and having good research behind those efforts is critical. Tell us in the comments how much time your website spends on content research and if you think these kinds of tools will become more popular in the future.