Google's recent financials show money pouring in through the AdWords channel, but the balance is changing as new WordStream research shows. 

An AdWord to the Wise

Google's AdWords service is still a powerhouse for the company, generating billions of dollars (see the company's recent earnings news) and allowing anyone to advertise their wares or services and only paying up if users come a clicking.

But, beyond measuring your own company's click-through-rates and revenue, there is still a great deal of depth to the service, ripe for the analysing. Step forward WordStream, the analysis company has put together a blog about the changing economics of Google's AdWords. The numbers can be found in this packed infographic, a small part of which is reproduced here. 


Taking it to the Bank

The key takeaways are that Google Search provides greater revenue per click, compared to the display network, but there are a lot more clicks on adverts then there are on search results. The Internet and Telecom sector has the highest click thru rate for both search and adverts while the Auto and Finance sectors share the highest cost-per-click figure. 

In our own neck of the advertising woods, Best Buy is the top advertiser in the Tech sector, followed by Apple, HP and Microsoft. I didn't think Apple would bother that much, but there you go. For those who rely on AdWords, while the cost per-click is down over 18%, the number of clicks and the conversion rates are up. On balance, that means users are getting more customers for less money. 

You can read the full post here, if you're interested in finding out more about how AdWords works in the real world, its a useful read with several handy resources.