To make life easier for Google users, the company is now unifying its storage for the likes of Gmail, Drive and so on. But will that big 15GB slice of cloud be used for anything fun at the company's IO event?

Put It In the Cloud

Despite my best efforts and some nine years of use, my Gmail account only takes up 2.5GB of my Google storage. But I needn't worry about a sudden flood of HD video, as the company is adding the 10GB of Gmail storage to the 5GB of Drive space into one big pot for users across all those lovely Google cloud apps and services for a happier customer experience. 

This comes ahead of the company's announcements at this week's IO event, in which it is likely to offer some compelling reason why we all need that much unified space. Could it be a sudden demand for more multimedia? Cloud saves of increasingly big games, a super-cloud for all your content (which will likely take a lot more than 15GB)? 

Super Storage For Users

With today's other news that Google+ will power story finding in many sites, certainly it seems that Google is on a mission to boost both interest and user numbers across its services. We'll have to see what transpires at IO but it is likely that mobile and tablet users will be at the front of any plans, with more apps coming from Google and users want improved backups of mobile content. 

Check out the Gmail blog post for the full story. Google will improve the Drive Storage page to act as useful dashboard for your storage, if you're a heavy user. Will other services respond to this not-quite update with improvements of their own? We'll see if this kicks off a mini cloud storage war soon enough.