A new video sharing feature has gone live on Google's social network, and people in 40 countries can now broadcast their Google+ Hangouts live on YouTube.

Google+ Hangouts on Air is a new place to easily shoot video and share it not only with people in your Google+ circles, but also with anyone who wants to watch the affair online. It's a free service and will work with any YouTube account in good standing and without any strikes (no YouTube policy violations).

Search Plus Your Hangouts

Google+ may never catch-up to social network juggernaut Facebook, but that's likely not the goal anyway. Instead, Google will no doubt use whatever people are sharing on Google+ as part of its Search Plus Your World (aka SPY World) strategy. That means whatever video content is used during a Hangout will be, at least partially, included in any search results turned up by the powerful algorithms of the Mountain View, Calif. based giant.

Hangouts on Air is available now in 40 countries, but the mobile version is not active yet.

Hangouts on Air can be set up right from the Hangouts section on Google+, and once you've invited people from your circles and given the Hangout a name, it's ready for broadcasting. Unfortunately, at launch, one major issue is the feature will not work on mobile devices. Additionally, people who have more than one Google+ or YouTube account may have some trouble joining Hangouts on Air.

Hangouts Apps

Developers waiting to add great new features to Google+ still have to wait, but at least for Hangouts, there is an API available. It seems Hangouts has been one of the most popular parts of Google+, and so the Hangouts on Air release is really about building out an already widely adopted feature.

Anyone interested in checking out a live Conan O'brien Q&A on Hangouts on Air can do so May 8 at 10:30 p.m. E/T. This would be a good way to check out some of the basic functions of the new feature, and, of course, learn more about the great orange-haired one. Tell us in the comments if you're a Hangouts fan or if you're a developer looking to get in on Google+ in some way.