With the promise of paying for ads only viewers watch, the lure of the world's largest video community (YouTube) and the #1 ad network, with a whopping 89% of all online users, the company said its Google AdWords for Video offers "creative tools" and innovative ad formats with comprehensive targeting that translates into a "risk free" way to spread one's message online -- this time using the power of video to tell the story. 

Its beta program (to select Google customers) now complete, AdWords for Video builds on the foundation of its text-based counterpart with keywords bringing up video ads to online eyeballs. Google is also delivering the insurance policy of collecting fees only when viewers have watched the entire ad, based on extensive web analytics to back the ad's performance.

Support Tools Include Advertisers Playbook

On the same platform, AdWords for Video allows users to create and manage video content, with extensive support tools that help web advertisers move to the next level. To that end, the group developed the Advertisers Playbook, which offers a best-practices approach to create and deliver the goods online.

The playbook provides how-to guides, success stories (including The Richard Petty Driving Experience, and The Anaheim Ballet), plus research and brand safety coverage. 

“On average, we’ve found that YouTube video ads drive a 20 percent increase in traffic to your website and a 5 percent increase in searches for your business. With AdWords for video you can find out how viewers are engaging with your brand during and after they watch your ad. You can see how many viewers watched your entire video, visited your website, stayed on your channel to watch another video, or subscribed to your channel, after viewing your ad,” according to YouTube Group manager for the project, Baljeet Singh.

Ambassadors Tell Their Stories

To help spread platform awareness, and show that the leap to video from text-based advertising isn't perhaps as daunting a task as one may think, Google commissioned nine business ambassadors who went public with their experiences during the beta period that began last September. The group also sponsored a primer video "Getting Started With Google AdWords for Video." 

Along with all the other support, Google has pledged up to US$ 50 million in free advertising to help move customers into the video domain.