Gleanster Names Leaders in 4 Key Software Categories

It's not the Gartner Magic Quadrant. It's not the Forrester Wave.

And that's exactly what Ian Michiels likes about it. Michiels' firm, Gleanster Research, has produced four software industry ranking reports. 

Gleanster calls each of them a FLASH, and the latest come in the areas of marketing automation, business intelligence, social engagement and web content management.

"What I like about our FLASH approach is it offers a different perspective than Forrester or Gartner," said Michiels, CEO and principal of the Pleasanton, Calif.-based research firm. "It's not about market presence or vision, which have value. And it's not biased by analyst opinion or relationships with Gleanster."

How Does it Work?

Michiels said he sees the FLASH being used in addition to existing vendor rankings charts. Vendor rankings in the FLASH are crowd-sourced by end users in Gleanster surveys. They rank them on a scale of 1-5 in different categories, and Gleanster reports that in a "good, better, best" ranking.

Not showing up in the FLASH simply means Gleanster did not capture enough user reviews for that particular vendor, according to the research firm.

"Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't," according to an FAQ in the most recent FLASH on marketing automation.

Today, CMSWire digs into the FLASH findings on web content management, marketing automation, business intelligence and social engagement:

Marketing Automation 

Here's what Gleanster's research had to say about vendors in the marketing automation space:

Features and functionality:

  • Good: Infusionsoft (3.7), Ontraport (3.7)
  • Better: Pardot (4.4), Salesfusion (4.3), Net-Results (4.1)
  • Best: Oracle Eloqua (4.9), Silverpop (4.9), HubSpot (4.8), Marketo (4.8), Act-On (4.8)

Overall value:

  • Good: Net-Results (3.7), Salesfusion (3.7), Oracle Eloqua (3.7)
  • Better: Pardot (3.9), Silverpop (3.8), Ontraport (3.8)
  • Best: HubSpot (4.5), Marketo (4.5), Act-On (4.4)

"Marketing Automation systems help optimize the end-to-end revenue performance management (RPM) lifecycle which is largely defined as the process of tracking and optimizing all marketing and sales contacts through the customer lifecycle," according to the Gleanster report. "Your goal, simply put, is to optimize revenue across customer interactions, regardless of their stage in the customer lifecycle."

Business Intelligence

Here's what Gleanster's research had to say about vendors in the business intelligence space:

Features and functionality

  • Good: QlikTech (3.1), SAS (3.0), Oracle (3.0), Tableau (2.6), IBM (2.5)
  • Better: Jedox (3.7), Microsoft (3.5), Pentaho (3.5), Arcplan (3.2), SAP (3.2)
  • Best: Alteryx (4.9), Board (4.6), InetSoft (4.3), MicroStrategy (4.0), Jaspersoft (3.8)

Overall value:

  • Good: SAP (3.1), Oracle (2.9), Tableau (2.9), Arcplan (2.6), IBM (2.5)
  • Better: Pentaho (3.9), Microsoft (3.8), Jaspersoft (3.6), SAS (3.6), Alteryx (3.2)
  • Best: Jedox (4.8), MicroStrategy (4.5), QlikTech (4.2), Board (3.9), InetSoft (3.9)

"In a time of economic turmoil, BI initiatives stand out for their potential to improve corporate performance through better use of data gathered by disparate systems," according to the Gleanster Report.

Web Content Management

Here's what Gleanster's research had to say about vendors in the web content management space:

Features and functionality:

  • Good: e-Spirit (2.8), Telerik (2.8), Elcom (2.7)
  • Better: Ektron (3.1), Oracle (3.0), SDL (3.0), Opentext (2.9)
  • Best: Adobe (4.8), Sitecore (4.7), CrownPeak (4.3), Alfresco (4.3)

Overall value:

  • Good: Ektron (2.9), Clickability (2.9), CoreMedia (2.8)
  • Better: Telerik (3.4), Sitecore (3.3), Oracle (3.1), SDL (3.1)
  • Best: Elcom (4.8), Adobe (4.5), CrownPeak (4.3), Alfresco (3.8)

"To meet elevated consumer expectations, organizations are looking to WCM systems to deliver content that is new, unique and optimized to the context of each specific consumer and his/her engagement channel," according to Gleanster. "To deliver content in context across channels, organizations are leveraging WCM to understand and respond to consumers based on their location, device type, influences and the type of forum in which they are engaging the organization."

Social Engagement

Here's what Gleanster's research had to say about vendors in the social engagement space:

Features and functionality:

  • Good: SAP (3.9), Sprout Social (3.8), HootSuite (3.7)
  • Better: Converseon (4.2), Google (4.1), Marketo (4.1), Adobe (4.1), Tweet Deck (3.9)
  • Best: Zuberance (4.8), Hearsay (4.6), Infosys (4.5), (4.4), Oracle (4.4)

Overall value:

  • Good: Marketo (3.8), Zuberance (3.6), Adobe (3.5)
  • Better: Tweet Deck (4.1), Sprout Social (4.1), (4.0), SAP (4.0), Oracle (3.9)
  • Best: Hearsay (4.6), Google (4.5), HootSuite (4.5), Infosys (4.4), Converseon (4.4)

"Many of the technology solution providers included in this vendor landscape offer niche offerings," according to Gleanster. "No single company provides a complete, end-to-end solution, although several of the world’s largest software companies are currently on a mission to achieve that very goal."

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