Web and enterprise content management have steadily evolved from the “bleeding edge” IT practices of interest only to the most hardened tech geeks to the key underpinnings of any modern organization’s IT strategy. This year’s Gilbane Conference in Boston from November 27-29, 2012 is designed so that attendees in marketing, IT, business units and internal functions can all receive targeted information to assist them with their specific content management needs.

The Gilbane Conference sessions are divided into four main tracks:

  • Customers and Engagement
  • Colleagues and Collaboration
  • Content Technology
  • Web and Mobile Publishing

Specific technologies covered in these tracks include: web content management, mobile development frameworks, responsive design/HTML5, digital marketing, web and mobile analytics, localization and multilingual technologies, mobile publishing workflows, app development strategies, social software platforms, digital asset management and Big Data.

In addition to conference keynotes and sessions, which run Nov. 28-29, there is also a day of pre-conference workshops on Nov. 27. Speakers include executives, content strategists, startup founders, consultants, analysts and researchers from a variety of companies, industries, and areas of expertise. Following are just a few session highlights.

Why Do You Need Mobile Now and How Do You Justify It?

Speakers: Scott Liewehr, President & Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group (moderator), Avery Cohen, Principal, Metrist Partners and Ian Truscott, VP Product Marketing, SDL Content Management Technologies Division.
Track: Customers and Engagement
Description: Businesses have differing mobile need and degrees of urgency to implement mobile technology, and many are reluctant to launch mobile programs due to factors such as cost, skills and uncertain ROI timing. This session will provide pointers and getting started and measuring results.

How to Address Two Key Management Concerns About Social Media: ROI and Reputation Management

Speakers: Toby Bell, EVP, Litera Corp., Russ Edelman President & CEO, Corridor Consulting and Tim Walters, Partner & Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group (moderator).
Track: Colleagues and Collaboration
Description: Beyond making a case for the importance of social media as a communications/collaboration tool, it is necessary to make an investment case based on solid data regarding costs, returns and risks related to both the brand and legal issues. This session will examine how to properly manage concerns about social media ROI and reputation management. 

Responsive Design for Mobile and Web Publishing: Art or Science?

Speakers: Peter Marsh, Global VP, Product Management, Atex, Phillip Hyun, CTO EndPlay, Inc. and Mary Laplante, VP and Solutions Architect, Outsell Inc. (moderator).
Track: Web & Mobile Publishing
Description: Responsive design is a digital publishing methodology that adapts content to fit multiple screens sizes. This session will explore its functionality and limitations.

Big Data for Enterprise & Marketing Applications - Three Views

Speakers: Brian Courtney, GM of Operations Data Management, GE Intelligent Platforms, Darren Guarnaccia, SVP, Product Marketing, Sitecore, Stefan Andreasen, Founder/CTO, Kapow Software and Leonor Ciarlone, Principal, LMC Communications (moderator).
Track: Content Technology
Description: While most of the attention paid to Big Data so far has focused on social data, Big Data also has far-reaching impact on research, operational and computing data. This session features three Big Data presentations of interest to marketing, IT and business strategists.

CMSWire will be attending the Gilbane Conference in Boston next month, and we hope to see you there!