Conductor enterprise seo platform.pngHave you ever wondered if there was a correlation between where your brand appears in organic search results and its impact on brand awareness? Well, you’re in luck. Recently Conductor announced the results of a new research study examining this. What they found shows that not only is there a connection, but that a user’s intent to purchase is also tied to how prominently the brand is featured within search results.

When we think about SEO we tend to relate it to driving web traffic or measuring clickthroughs, but these survey results seem to indicate that search engine results should be a bigger part of your branding strategy.

By measuring three distinct categories: brand awareness, perception of brand quality and purchase consideration, Conductor's The Branding Value of Search’s Page One research report uncovered the following:

Be Above the Fold

Most significant brand lift occurs when a brand appears above the fold and in universal search results. A brand appearing above the fold produces stronger lift than below, by up to 30 percent.

Get on Search Page One

Intent to purchase at retailer increases when the brand appears on page one of the search results. When a retailer appeared in the search results, a customer’s intent to purchase at the retailer was increased by 20 percent when above the fold and 10 percent when below, compared to when it did not appear in the search results.

Conducter SEO.png

These results suggest that brand owners may need to rethink their brand development strategy and seriously reconsider search as a valuable and viable platform for achieving their branding and business goals. We all know that SEO is important for being found, but it may not have occurred to us that it helps our customers recognize us.