Genesys released an update to its Customer Experience Platform that it boasts will help you engage and guide your customers.

Reed Henry, chief marketing officer for Genesys, said the platform integrates and augments customer relationship management(CRM). It adds native technology "to directly engage and guide customers across all interaction channels, including voice and touchpoints."

Genesys is a Daly City, Calif.-based contact center software provider. It has 3,000-employees.

"We call this orchestrating the customer journey," Henry added. Other CRM platforms react to customer behavior. But they don’t shape it or attempt to orchestrate the step-by-step sequencing of customer interactions, he added.

Sharing Context

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Genesys last May integrated its cloud contact center solution with the Zendesk customer service platform. But it last updated its CX platform in December 2013.

The new platform prevents impersonal experiences that lead to "dissatisfied customers and inefficient operations."

Competitors support multichannel customer interactions but cannot share context across all channels, he said. But he claims the Genesys update accomplishes this.


By giving organizations the ability to manage omnichannel customer journeys. They don't have to "react to random customer journeys that result in individual interactions that lack context," Henry told CMSWire.

How It Works

Agents who use this software have an omnichannel view to provide added insights about the customer.


These new capabilities give employees more context, Henry said.

There are three editions of the platform. The cost of the product depends on the scope and complexity of the implementation, Henry added.

Will this system integrate well? Henry claims it will. "Genesys’ technology integrates with almost every CRM, BPM, telephony and multichannel solutions available in the market today," he said.