Marketo's acquisition of Insightera has created a bit of buzz in the past week. CMSWire has already shared why Marketo leadership thinks the Insightera buy is a good deal and what industry insiders think the acquisition means for the marketToday, we talk with Lori Wizdo, principal analyst and marketing automation specialist for Forrester Research, for her take on the implications of the buy.

All About Personalization

Q) What, in a nutshell, is Insightera's bread-and-butter and how has it been able to perform well in this space?

A) B2B personalization is the nutmeat. Essentially that means real time segmentation based upon firmagraphic (firm demographics), location and web behavior, such as "I came to the site from a (pay-per-click) PPC ad with this keyword or I navigated to this page on the site. Based on that segmentation, the company delivers personalized "calls to action," content offers or other offers. It also offers analysis of what content offers are driving the most conversions and revenue within each segment.

Q) What market and players does Insightera compete with?

Demandbase and Get Smart Content ... mostly Demandbase.

Q) Ultimately, what does this acquisition do for Marketo? Is there a change in focus there now?

A) I don't see a significant change in focus. I see acceleration toward a vision. Insightera has focused on helping B2B marketers personalize their customer and prospect engagement to increase lead capture and conversion rates, accelerate customer buying cycles and ultimately increase profitable revenue.h That is the goal (and promise) of all B2B marketing automation vendors. This acquisition strengthens's Marketo's ability to deliver against that vision. Marketo's customer engagement engine is a very strong content delivery capability. Insightera's capabilities, when integrated tightly with the customer engagement engine, will enable marketers to implement and scale more personalized and targeted engagement strategies.

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Q) What particular space will Marketo try to own now that it has Insightera's capabilities?

A) the near term, this strengthens Marketo's offering for B2B marketers. It will most likely also help the market adoption of the recently announced Dialogue Edition, targeted at B2C marketers.

Q) What makes Marketo unique in the industry now that it has Insightera?

A) With the addition of Insightera, Marketo will now have a better ability to personalize a visitor's web experience. That is great, but not totally unique. Many of Marketo's competitors — Silverpop, Adobe — have capabilities to help their marketers implement personalized web experiences for their customers.