Firefox Versions 6, 7, 8 Available for Download Early

The latest versions of the Firefox (news, site) browser, following its new rapid-number versioning system, were made available over the weekend for download, a couple of days ahead of the official launch.

A Fox Out of the Box

The new official version of the Firefox web browser, badged as 6.0 is now available to download from the Firefox FTP site, ahead of the official launch on Tuesday 16. Using a new, more Google-like, numbering system, you can also jump into the beta stream and try out versions 7 and 8 (using the Aurora version) as well, which offer a small number of upgrades, depending on how brave you're feeling.

Version 6.0 offers a decent speed increase, reckoned to be around 20% in some instances, plus coloring of the domain to highlight secure or known sites. A permissions system will help users choose what information you want to share with certain sites.

Firefox's new updates are smaller, nimbler

Firefox's new updates are smaller, nimbler

Firefox 7 is due for release in September with version 8 out in November, making it look pretty numerically healthy compared to Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome 14, if you want to play their silly number games.

Developers should be checking their plugins and sites for compatibility, as a whole list of them appeared as incompatible during our test installation. Aside from the new color domain feature, there's little to ooh and aah over, suggesting you need to look at the likes of RockMelt if you want something new from your browser.