Now that the holiday weekend is over it's time for another Facebook App of the Week. This week we’re looking at a social marketing tool from Realview Digital -- the Realview Facebook App -- that enables companies to share publications over the social network.

As a publishing platform, Realview gives their customers a chance to create online newspapers, e-magazines and online magazines with a variety of features including, registration and subscription options for readers, photo galleries and access to Google Analytics for marketing teams.

The recently released Facebook app is an extension of the Realview Publishing Platform. With the platform, users are not only able make their publications available through devices such as iPads, laptops and desktop computers, but also through social media as an app. The Realview Facebook app will give marketers a chance to see what articles and pages are being shared, liked, viewed and commented on, thus providing key information that helps companies improve and market their publication.

The current version of the app is the first of a two part release. The first part is geared towards non-subscription publications, while the second release -- expected to be introduced in early 2013 -- will be for subscription-based or time subscription (limited access) publications.

Browsing through pages in a publication.

What Does the Realview App Offer?

Not only does the Realview app allow readers to comment on, share and like content, but within the Realview Platform there are some key tools that make online publications more interactive than their print counterparts.

  • Video: Designed as a popup button, users can add one or multiple videos to a page. There are two ways that videos can be inserted into a publication -- as part of a design template or as a clickable icon.
  • Callout: On some publications, there's a title or word related to a product or service. With Callout, readers are redirected to more information about this particular item.
  • Read More: In some publications, there's a brief summary or snippet explaining something on a page, but isn't very detailed. As with the Callout Feature, users are redirected to more detailed information on a subject.

An example of the Read More feature

Final Thoughts

As many people spend a fair amount of their time on Facebook, this gives companies and publishers a way to reach fans and readers over a social media platform. With a simple click, readers can read their favorite magazine, newspaper or other publication, while still chatting on Facebook Messenger and interacting through posts and comments.