EPiServer, a provider of web content management (WCM) and engagement products, has announced the availability of a new add-on for their WCM platform. The new component, Social Reach, provides a single interface for users to personalize and communicate content across multiple social networks.

More Social, Less Work

Social media has become a tool for companies to strengthen their brand and engage with the public. Often this requires marketers to create and personalize content for multiple social sites, which can be a time consuming, frustrating and occasionally error prone process. EPiServer’s Social Reach makes the process more efficient by providing marketers a single place to manage content across multiple channels including websites.

Managing content across multiple channels may be difficult, but attempting to measure the impact and return on investment is even harder. In addition to making content creation more efficient, Social Reach includes campaign tracking capabilities and the ability to monitor channel-specific measurements such as retweets, comments and likes.

Social Reach also supports Google Analytics for tracking campaign reach and conversions making it easier for marketers understand the impacts and return on investment (ROI) of their social media efforts.

Less Feeling, More Numbers

Social networking may be about soft skills and ephemeral concepts like “engagement,” but many organizations are now demanding hard numbers to justify their social media investments. Yet, according to research by EPiServer, over 20% of marketers were unable to measure the benefits of their social media use. This need is driving many platform vendors, like EPiServer, and services, like Google and Facebook, to make it easier for marketers to quantitatively measure their efforts.