If you’ve ever created content on a website and wondered what you could do to make it appear higher in search results, you’re not alone. In fact, there is an entire industry is dedicated to search engine optimization (SEO). Digital marketing platform provider EPiServer has introduced another option, SiteAttention, an add-on that provides search optimization advice as users are creating content.

Optimizing Search

SEO is something many interactive marketers spend hours or even days poring over. Search engine placement can be the difference between reaching a broad audience and collecting dust in some rarely visited corner of the Internet. There are countless people, tools and utilities that provide tips on SEO, but most require content editors to create content and then analyze it. That's not exactly Internet speed, now, is it?

The SiteAttention add-on for EPiServer provides content editors real-time advice on how to optimize their content as they are editing it. Using an algorithm based on Google’s Page Rank, SiteAttention performs text analysis and displays related search terms, search volume and competition as users type. The advice provided by SiteAttention uses actual data from site visitors.

SiteAttention integrates into the EPiServer site template, which makes it easier for users to change content to comply with SEO best practices. Users can optimize content as it’s created instead of retroactively tuning it, which is a much more fluid process. Currently, the add-on only integrates with Google, which is somewhat of a statement of how ubiquitous the search company has become in terms of dictating what is popular online.

Getting More Information

The SiteAttention for EPiServer add-on is available for download now. The add-on is available in two levels: freemium and premium. Basic SEO advice and real-time feedback is available with no service fee, and premium advice incorporating Google data is available for a monthly service fee.