EPiServer has rounded out its web content management offering with an SEO management tool built by Mogul, one of its Premium Solution Partners.

URL management in particular can be tricky because it has to be done on the server side for things like changing page names, changing section names and moving pages around a website. That's why the SEO Manager for EPiServer is now available as a commercial Add-On for EPiServer CMS customers.

SEO Management, Guide + Support

SEO Manager is the tool that optimizes a site's URL's, one of the things many Web properties lose sight of while focusing on keywords, headings and content (see: Content Strategy: The Perils of Search Engine Optimization). Those are obviously key to improving on search results, but more is needed to bump that all important Google ranking.

Editors and administrators can manage all URLs with minimal work effort, and redirects are created directly in the CMS with SEO Manager. It's also easy to get an overview of all the URLs of your site as well as their exact status. Pages can be renamed, moved or erased without harming the searchability of the site. SEO Manager's main features are:

  • Ensures that moved pages are always found and indexed correctly
  • Allows you to rename pages without losing ranking
  • Remembers the URL history of a page and automatically links to the current version
  • Allows you to show correct and relevant information on your 404 page
  • Creates a canonical URL for pages that can be reached from several URLs (for example duplicate pages and language variants)
  • Handles multiple friendly URLs per page
  • Optimizes EPiServers URL structure for search engines
  • Links removed pages to relevant content or presents them as dynamic 404s
  • Optimizes the results in Google Analytics
  • Sustains links from other web sites forever


SEO Manager downloads quickly and can be installed in just a few clicks.

EPiServer Recent Moves

EPiServer is full featured enterprise ready WCM platform, and in 2012, the company has been busy adding social, analytics and big data tools. In March, EPiServer bought out long time partner Mediachase and its eCommerce system. In June, the company added Google Analytics to its platform and released its EPiServer Find for improving site searches related to valuable unstructured Web content.