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Tag management is one of the hottest areas in digital marketing, and this week tag management vendor Tealium scored a big partnership. The San Diego-based company will now integrate its tag management solution into the Magento Connect Marketplace, where Magento's more than 150,000 customers will get access to the 500 digital marketing vendors who use Tealium's tags.

Magento offers an e-commerce application marketplace, with hundreds of applications from a variety of tech providers. Ryan Thompson, Head of Partnerships at Magento, said in a statement that tag management is "quickly becoming an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle that e-commerce organizations should not ignore."

Tag Management

Magento customers can now download the Tealium extension to integrate the tag vendor’s software into their websites and thus manage any of the supported digital marketing vendors via the management console. The tags enable a variety of functions ranging from analytics to the deployment of ads.

Ali Behnam, co-founder and president of Tealium, told news media that tag management has now become "a cornerstone for any successful e-commerce operation."

Digital marketing tags are a few lines of code on a webpage, which can be managed through an on-premises or hosted tag management system. Tags are used to track and guide such forms of digital marketing as affiliate marketing, personalization, SEO, shopping comparison engines, display or paid search advertising, or site analytics. Key selling points include the ability for marketers to administer a tag management system without waiting for IT, as well as the ability to quickly implement campaigns, test alternatives, or respond to new conditions.

Splunk, Forrester Report

In April, Tealium announced that it had more than 500 digital marketing vendors allied with its pre-configured, turnkey tag management system, providing what it said was the largest such marketing vendor ecosystem in the industry.

In July, Tealium and big data/analytics vendor Splunk announced that the Tealium tag management system had been integrated into Splunk’s Enterprise 5 system, allowing visitor interaction data to be analyzed for decisions relating to targeting and personalization.

This meshes with a Forrester Research report released in July, which found that marketers are not only increasingly dependent on tag management systems to coordinate their digital campaigns, but that the systems themselves were becoming indispensable for obtaining data about customer behaviors online and then utilizing that data for marketing.