Dropbox Mailbox App Hits the iPad

The rollercoaster success story of Mailbox, acquired by Dropbox after barely a month in existence, should get heavy email users excited as the iPad version of the app arrives to save their in-box. 

In a Blur of Mail

Mailbox was one of 2013's app sensations, going from zero to a million iPhone users to acquisition in a little over a month. Since the developer, Orchestra, was acquired by Dropbox back in March, the team have been hard at work on the iPad version of the app which launches on the iTunes store today. 

The new version offers the same swipe to dispose feature that has grabbed those many Gmail users, with its archive or read later mechanism for managing your email stream. The extra screen space is utilized by a new reading pane to actually read the few emails that you feel the need to view. 

With the likes of Yahoo's recent email iPad app, and the sludgy but driven effort by Google to do something awesome with its own iOS email app, the competition is steadily growing in this space, but Dropbox, with its massive user base and the continued interest in Mailbox, should see the app continue to win users. 

Your Mail In Action

The app lets you do four basic commands, a short swipe right affirms that the email is one you'll want to read, a long swipe right marks it as trash. A short swipe left brings up a menu that sets a time when you might want to read the mail, such as later, this evening, tomorrow, next week and so on. 


Finally, a long sweep left lets you add it to a list, by default they are, to buy, to read and to watch, but you can create your own lists. Users only need to tap on an email there and then to read it and the new pane pops up. The existing swipes are replaced by icons, so once you've finished reading the message, you can dispose of it in a consistent manner. 

Naturally, you can reply to important mails and forward them on. Buried in the options are a number of Snoozes that allow you to decide your working day. Still on the to do list for the developers are an Android version which is supposedly due soon, and then the integration of other service's email accounts.