Open source CMS provider dotCMS released version 2.3 this week with a clear eye towards mobile devices. This update includes the very popular responsive themeing, and added tools like a link checker (just like what it sounds like) and a feature called time machine that shows what older site designs or even future site designs look like.


Responsive themes allow for an all in one design across websites or across devices.

Responsive Themes, Time Machine

In the realm of customer experience, it's common practice to make sure people enjoy a similar look and feel when they encounter a website via tablet, smartphone or a desktop. Instead of designing three different websites, plus however many app versions might be needed, many CMS vendors have begun offering a responsive design tool.

dotCMS is doing just that with v2.3, a major update of the Java based system. Developers can build a common site that will look the same across devices, but still be flexible enough to allow for responsive css frameworks as well.

This feature should allow businesses to build more websites faster, and generally scale development. It should prove to be a popular feature, indeed. Additionally, a theme library has also been included in v2.3. Two Bootstrap based themes are included in out of the box dotCMS configurations, and developers can submit their own designs for others to build off of as well.

Now to the time machine, the hands down winner of best named feature we've seen in a while. It allows for previewing older site designs as well as offering a glimpse at what a future design will look like. A site can be viewed in all its iterations, and even bundled together and published as a snapshot of a historical look back at past designs.

Link Checker, Scheduled Publishing

Building links is an important task, and dotCMS has automated link checking in its latest release. Any links built in the WYSIWYG editor can be checked for errors, and there is a portlet called Broken Links that can run an external link check and create a report.

For publishing content on a timed basis, it is now possible to assign publish and expire dates to content. Other added features in the release are a navigation tool and a Wiki tool. dotCMS 2.3 ships with a custom menu development tool that will build a navigation given a path, and return a list of items. Users can also reuse wiki content from Twiki, Media or Confluence, for example, as well.

These should be welcome updates to the dotCMS community, and taken together, they make dotCMS a much more robust offering to any potential new customers.