Ad management/distribution platform provider DG MediaMind finds that 63% of 16.1 billion rich media digital advertising impressions displayed in September 2012 was viewable. As explained in a new report, viewability measures whether at least 50% of an ad’s pixels are viewable for at least one second.


Rich media viewability rates varied by both vertical and format. The travel vertical had the highest overall viewability rate (73%), followed by corporate, CPG and news media (68% each) and careers, auto and B2B (67%). The financial vertical had the lowest viewability rate (50%) by a wide margin -- the next-lowest rate was 58%, held by the telecom vertical.

Similarly, rich media viewability rates also varied considerably by format. The commercial break vertical had a close to perfect (97%) viewability rate, followed closely by floating ad reminders (96%) and wallpaper ads (83%). The enhanced standard banner format had the lowest viewability rate (54%).

The report, "DG MediaMind Full-Year 2012 Global Benchmark", also shows that rich media viewability rates have a measurable impact on overall digital ad performance. Worldwide click-through-rates (CTR) of viewable ad impressions were 0.34% - a 54.5% lift from the 0.22% CTR of all ad impressions.

Rich Media, Interactive Video Elements Boost North American Engagement

Examining regional digital advertising trends during 2012, DG Mediamind found that CTR of North American consumers rose significantly when rich media and interactive video elements were added. Standard banner ads had a 0.1% CTR, compared to 0.14% for rich media ads, 0.16% for expandable banners, 0.85% for in-stream video and 1.92% for interactive in-stream video.

Dwell, Expansion Rates Go Hand-in-Hand in Latin America

In Latin America, high dwell rates (rates of consumers interacting with ads through activities such as running a mouse over them or engaging with video content) corresponded with high expansion rates (time an expanding ad is viewed while expanded) -- Latin American dwell rate for 2012 was 7.9% while expansion rate was 22.3%.

Sports Drive European Ad Engagement

A strong year for sports in Europe (London Olympics and Euro Cup) helped drive European consumer engagement with digital ads. Overall CTR was an impressive 0.51%, with a 10.5% dwell rate, 18.1% automatic video start rate and 59.3% user-initiated video start rate and 36.1% expansion rate.

Mobile, In-stream Effective in Africa

African consumers had a 0.73% mobile banner CTR and 7.48% in-stream video engagement rate, showing the effectiveness of these technologies in Africa.

Asia-Pacific Goes Interactive

The Asia-Pacific region showed general strength in consumer engagement with digital ads. Highlights include a 3.5% in-stream video CTR in Japan, 0.19% rich media CTR in China and 0.38% rich media CTR in Taiwan, 32.3% dwell rate for floating ads in South Asia and 8.1% rich media dwell rate in the mature Australia/New Zealand market.