Website development/management technology vendor Decibel Technology is launching an online behavior analysis tool called Decibel Insight. 


Decibel Insight is designed to serve as a value-based analytics platform, meaning it focuses on value of individual online consumer interactions rather than volume. The solution assigns value to every unique piece of web content to help track what site elements drive conversion and also provides heat maps overlaid on other online statistics to identify the most valuable inbound traffic channels. All data is presented visually on a single screen to eliminate information silos in the enterprise.

Specific features of Decibel Insight include lead identification, video playback, campaign and channel analysis and CRM integration.

Decibel Technology Extends Value

Decibel Technology’s flagship product is a CMS aimed at non-technical users. Decibel promotes the “intuitive” nature of the CMS as making website development fast and easy. In November 2012, Decibel launched an open application programming interface (API) that, according to the company, allows its proprietary CMS to be customized in ways that offer many benefits beyond open source.

The IT vendor said the new open API extends the framework of its Web CMS, giving developers “complete control” over features that can be added or modified. By writing code into an app and plugging into the CMS via the API, customers get the “integrity, stability and security” of its flagship product with a minimum of code required for customization.

Now Decibel is trying to further extend the value of its core CMS by giving users the opportunity to perform simple, visually based but deep analysis of customer interactions on the sites being developed and managed. The CMS and web analytics markets are both crowded and gaining new participants every day, by linking its CMS to an analytics platform and making both as intuitive as possible, Decibel is trying to create some competitive differentiation in a space where it is not currently one of the top names.

Don't Forget the Human Element

While most discussions about web analytics focus squarely on technology, a recent Forbes article reminds web analytics solutions users that ultimately tools are only as good as the people using them. "Essentially, your Web analytics tool is only as powerful as the person using it," states Forbes. The article goes on to recommend that companies spend $90 on analysts for every $10 they spend on analytics technology. By attempting to deliver analytics that non-expert users can mine for deep customer and conversion insight, Decibel is trying to hold down the amount of money users must put into the human side of the equation.

Decibel Technology is based in London and clients include Lavendon Group Plc, Bell Education Services, Historic UK, Marshall Wace and Miss World. The vendor is releasing Decibel Insight following successful beta testing.