The creators of Drupal Commerce, Commerce Guys, have released Commerce Mobile, an iOS app that's designed to improve the online shopping experience through an in-app connection with Drupal commerce websites.

The Mobile Shopping Experience

As the use of smartphones as a shopping tool increases, there is a need for a more efficient mobile shopping experience, such as allowing customers to shop from within an app, instead of having to go to a mobile website.

Commerce Mobile is a new solution that's available to meet that demand. It's an app that connects users to Drupal e-Commerce sites and transfers that content onto whatever iOS device is being used. The app allows users to connect their shopping cart and order history, so information is transferred between the site and the app easily without having to download an additional plugin.

Other app features include the ability the browse products through a catalog or search function, access forum support and a front-page dashboard that through an image sliding function makes it easier for companies to promote certain products or deals. Also, in addition to being able to see their order history, shoppers can also see items they've viewed, searched or added to their wishlist.

As a whole, this app not only aims to improve the customer experience when it comes to online shopping, but also make it easier for companies using the Drupal Commerce platform to promote and showcase their products.

With Commerce Mobile, we bring all of the functionality of established Drupal Commerce stores to mobile shoppers with full, ongoing support to ensure engagement and flexible functionality is not sacrificed on mobile platforms,” said Scott Dahlgren, the Commerce Guys managing director for North America.


Despite the intention to be more engaging, the platform is a bit limited, as shoppers can only access Drupal created websites and the app is currently only available for iOS users. There are other platforms available though, such as Owned It which allow users to create their own shopping applications for their business.

Improving E-commerce Capabilities

As the creators of the Drupal Commerce platform, Commerce Guys have created a variety of tools to help expand brand’s customer reach, revenue and improve the overall online shopping experience.

Commerce Guys has another mobile solution that allows Drupal users to create mobile friendly websites, but wasn't an app like Commerce Mobile. Other solutions include Multi-channel Commerce, a tool that allows shoppers to move back and forth between tablets, smartphones and desktop computers when browsing an e-Commerce website and Social Commerce which allows users to create a social network for customers.

As was mentioned, Commerce Mobile is designed to improve how well companies promote and show its products but there are also three other tools that aim to improve how well companies manage and create online stores. The Commerce Platform is a cloud hosting service, while Commerce Kickstart helps users create an e-Commerce website more quickly and easily and Commerce Marketplace is a resource library.

More Drupal News

Improving the e-Commerce side of Drupal isn't the only update to the open source platform. Other providers have been updating and improving Drupal contributions such as Acquia, which released a code base for building native iOS apps that post content directly to a Drupal website, Drupal Commons 3.0 and launched spam moderation tool Mollom.