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What was hot in digital marketing this past year? You tell us. In fact, you've told us. We've collected the top most popular stories with our audience for digital marketing. So, without further ado...

Most Popular Posts

1) Tom Lowery (@tal62) questioned the hype of social media and if it's made us all into narcissists, egomaniacs and internet drug-addicts. It has, and marketers need to care, he explained in Why Social Media Is So Addictive (And Why Marketers Should Care).

What drives us to use social media in the way we use it has less to do with social media platforms and more to do with psychology. Brands must realize that they no longer hold the reigns as to what people want to see, think or buy. Understanding how and why this balance has shifted can make or break a social marketing campaign."

2) Harry Blodgett (@harryqblodgett) told us its not the device, or the platform, but the experience that matters in Think Beyond Responsive Design to the Responsive Experience.

Those businesses that fail to realize this will struggle to deliver great customer experiences. Instead we propose an omnichannel approach to web design which focuses first and foremost on delivering contextual customer experiences, not on designing for any one device. We call this Responsive Experience."

3) Loni Kao Stark (@lonistark) predicted that 2013 would be the year Web Content Management (WCM) made its greatest impact in 4 Web Content Management Trends in 2013 Every Marketer Needs to Know.

Web content management will be focused on measuring the impact of content, unifying and scaling up mobile and social efforts as part of an overall digital strategy, and making it easier for anyone within or outside the organization to contribute useful content."

4) Jim Belosic ( @ShortStackLab) was a believer that Facebook Advertising Works if You Don't Make These 3 Mistakes.

I’m still surprised when I meet a person who doesn’t believe Facebook advertising is effective. It is -- if you implement a few best practices and avoid common mistakes. ... Brand managers often believe the more page Likes they acquire, the better. This kind of thinking is all wrong. When it comes to Facebook fans, the principle of quality over quantity applies."

5) Bruce Temkin ( @btemkin) told us to Use Customer Journey Maps to Combat Self-Centeredness.

If this self-centered bias is left unchecked, decisions made inside of companies will often reflect the frame of reference of employees, not customers. This problem is sometimes called self-referential design. We make decisions that satisfy our needs."

6) Barry Levine ( @xBarryLevine ) reported on a Forrester research project that examined The Social Media Habits of B2B Customers.

All business customers can be reached by social channels, and 98 percent of business decision-makers also read blogs, watch videos or listen to podcasts. It's no longer a question of whether you should use social, but how, the report said."

7) Jayakrishnan Sasidharan ( jayakrishnan sasidharan) talked about the proactive customer experience management (CXM) of the future and how you can prepare for it now in How Will Customer Experience Management Keep Up with Channel Independence?

Meet the 2018 consumer. She owns both a smart refrigerator and storage system, which can prepare a weekly purchase list. The retailer where she shops has an inventory system that syncs with and aggregates such purchase lists, and kicks in an automatic replenishment process to be sure low or sold-out stock is available when she and others arrive at the store. Advanced analytics create and push a list of suggested items along with coupons."

8) Michele Nemschoff (@mapr) delivered some ways how big data is changing social media marketing in some pretty big ways in Social Media Marketing: How Big Data is Changing Everything.

Big Data platforms allow enterprises to make more informed marketing decisions through analysis and use of 100 percent of their data -- both structured and unstructured -- and can do so in real time."

9) Angie Zener ( @angiezener ) wrote about how gaining visibility into a customer’s buying journey is nothing new to marketers in Three Steps to Defining and Mapping the Customer Journey.

Today, mobile devices, new data-capturing technology, solutions for processing big data and integration of multiple communications channels have changed the breadth and depth of understanding a customer’s digital path to purchase."

10) Jim Belosic (@ShortStackLab) asked readers what to do when their Like Count Isn't Budging? and offered 4 Ways to Snap Out of It.

I like to compare running a Facebook contest or promotion to going on a crash diet for ten days and dropping twenty pounds. The results are fast and can be really dramatic."