Cirrus Insight claimed it broke the mold in 2011 when it integrated Salesforce with Gmail.

Last fall, Cirrus, which had been working on a mobile app to bring Salesforce features to the smartphones and tablets of Gmail users, announced integration with Conga, a popular Salesforce document builder.

Today, Cirrus is claiming another pioneer effort -- integration of Pardot and Hubspot marketing automation with Gmail.

Inbox Sales and Marketing

Through this effort, Cirrus Insight told CMSWire that Pardot and Hubspot customers who use Salesforce will have access to all of their marketing automation intelligence in their Gmail inbox. Salespeople, they said, can now assign leads and customers to specific Pardot or Hubspot nurturing campaigns in Gmail. 

Brandon Bruce, COO and co-founder of Laguna Hills, Calif.-based Cirrus Insight, asked by CMSWire what makes this offering unique, said Cirrus Insight is the first and only application to bring marketing automation into Gmail where sales and support people work.

"Marketing automation is tremendously effective for sending personalized communication that increases conversion rates," Bruce told CMSWire. "However, the intelligence available in marketing automation platforms hasn’t been readily available to salespeople where they work -- the inbox -- until now."

Who Benefits?

Bruce used the example of sales and support team members seeing the Pardot lead score, referrer source, first and last activity and campaign associated with a prospect or customer as soon as an email arrives in the inbox. The sales and support teams, he added, can also update Pardot information in real time from Gmail.

customer experience, Cirrus Insight Brings Pardot, Hubspot Marketing Automation to Gmail

"For example, based on content of the received email, a salesperson can add the prospect to a different Pardot campaign tailored to where the prospect is in the sales pipeline," Bruce said.

Richard White, CEO of UserVoice, which produces help desk online software, said each of his customers has more than 150 custom Pardot fields. It helps UserVoice to know everything from what features they're using to what plans they're on to how successful they are with their product.

"To be able to see key fields in my Gmail inbox means I'm making the most of every customer interaction by being fully informed of how they're doing with our product,” he said.

The Pardot and Hubspot integrations are included out-of-the-box in Cirrus Insight, the two-year-old company that has 13 employees. There is no additional cost, Bruce said.

B2B and B2C marketing teams, sales teams and support teams can use the new offering -- "everybody in the organization benefits from having visibility to Pardot and HubSpot intelligence in the inbox," Bruce added.