You gather, and gather social media data. But then what? You need to analyze it, make it actionable. That's the key to a Social Command Center. But not all command centers are alike. 

What Does Your Command Center Look Like?

Hootsuite is a social media command center. Radian6 has a social media command center. Many organizations have custom built command centers and each one offers a different way to view all that data that's out there about your brand, your competitors, the market...

It's kind of tiring thinking about what you need to keep track of. What are you customers saying about you? What's working and what's not? Can you visualize how you would do that? It's hard, I know.

Which is why we like these command center tools. 

And it's why Brandwatch's new Vizia Social Command Center is so appealing. It's productized, so you can create different command centers for different teams. And it can change as data changes or information changes.

But you need Brandwatch's social media analytics platform to power it. That may be a small price to pay for a great deal of flexibility.

Brandwatch Vizia

I've seen Brandwatch's social media analytics platform, it's very good, similar in many ways to SDL's SM2. What Vizia adds on top of it is a command center that offers a number of different displays, both text-based and visual that show you what's happening in real-time. 

Brandwatch vizia, social media monitoring

Brandwatch Vizia - KPIs

It does go much further than static visuals though, offering some enhanced visualizations of queries.

Brandwatch Vizia Sentiment Scene

You can create displays for a number of different situations, from a boardroom environment, to a dedicated operational environment, to mobile access. That last part is good, you have mobile access not only to view information, but also to interact and administrate the command center.

Vizia comes with a library of "Scenes" which are projects or use cases that are common to many organizations. So you have starting point from which to customer to your needs. You can also incorporate third party feeds, so you aren't limited to Brandwatch alone. 

Custom branding/themes can be applied not only at the top level, but for specific Scenes, and the permission model is unlimited. 

Another key feature for Vizia is its messaging capability. Users can put messages on displays to draw viewers attention. It could be a ticker across the bottom or a pop-up, and you can set the screens the message is to show on and the duration to show the message. One example of a message that Sebastian Hempstead, EVP Brandwatch North America, gave was a message to let viewers know that a situation is already being dealt with.

In addition to messages there are event alerts that will switch a viewer over automatically to an events screen if something is happening.

3 Pillars of Social Media Management

Hempstead noted three basic pillars for managing an organziation's social media presence:

  1. Analytics
  2. Engagement
  3. Visualization

All three, he said, need to be working together, along with other systems to provide an organization the best way to management their social media presence. Brandwatch has the analytics, it has the visualization with Vizia, and it has the engagement through a deep integration with Spredfast. It's a strong package. Check it out.